Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day #2

We had a great Snow day today!
This is us on our way to the grocery store today.  Joe picked mama up so we could grab a few food, cat food, stuff to make chilly, etc.

The roads were pretty slick!  I could 've never driven on them!

We don't frequent Knight's too much, but there wasn't much of a choice today!  (It's the only grocery store in Beebe!)

We got the stuff to make chilly.  It was so yummy!
This is on the way to take mama home.  There was lots of snow!

Mama's house in the snow.

Looking down mama's street.

Joe playing in the backyard with Molly.  She LOVES the snow!

Molly biting a snow ball Joe threw!  Mama made Molly's jacket.  Isn't it cute?!? 
Molly in the snow.

Holly in the snow on the back porch.

Foot prints in the snow.  Funny story about foot prints in the snow.  Joe and mama found cat foot prints in the snow in the backyard.  Mama's cat's do not go outside, so they were interested where they came from.  Joe followed the foot prints into the boat.  He said there were no foot prints where the cat left the boat, so he looked under the seat where the ladder is and all of a sudden mama and I heard a scream.  (Joe screamed because the cat startled him.  I don't think he actually expected to find one!)  A cat came running out of the boat across the backyard and climbed the fence with Molly on his/her heals.  Poor cat!  I hope it has some where warm to sleep tonight!

Then Joe decided to make snow angels.

I think mama got more snow than we did!

When we got home, Percie and I took a walk around campus.

Snow in the sunshine is so pretty!
We had a great snow day, ate some good chilly, and now I'm watching Miss America.  Could the day get any better?!?

(Now I just hope I can make it to church tomorrow because I'm supposed to teach children's church!)


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