Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meet Oliver Wendell and Sophia Grace


Oliver (gray tabby) and Sophie (long hair) are 2 kittens that Joe, mama, and I rescued.

Sophie Grace.  Isn't she pretty!?!  I think she is going to be sticking around.......

BUT, precious Oliver needs a home.

Isn't he cute!?!  He is so sweet, too.

Oliver took a ball off of mama's Christmas tree to play with!  So cute!

Oliver hiding in the tree.

Sophie loves the tree, too!

Oliver and Sophie.

Sophie Grace.  She is such a mess.....but I love her!

Percie watching the kittens.

Sleeping on grandmama's chair.

If you know anyone who needs a kitten, let me know.  He has been to the vet and is in great health.  He will be going this week to have shots.


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