Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dannie!

My F-I-L Dannie has a birthday 2 days after mine.  So, we went to Jonesboro on Tuesday, January 19th, to have dinner with Joe's family for Dannie's birthday.
Derek and Magan ordering.

Derek, Magan, Dannie, Charlotte, Roy, Malinda, Rylee, Jordan, Joe, and I ate dinner at Whole Hog Bar-b-que in Jonesboro.  It was great!

Uncle Joe and Jordan.

Derek and Magan.

Rylee and her sprite.

Rylee asking me to take a picture of her Cheetos fingers!  I think she is the only one who enjoys me taking pictures of everything!  Ha!

Nanny and Jordan.  (And Rylee being silly!)

Jordan eating.

My sticker that came in the card Rylee and Jordan got me for my birthday.  (There are no pictures of me from this dinner outing because I went to the doctor Monday afternoon and have a sinus and ear infection.  Needless to say I look pretty rough with me red puffy cheeks and eyes!)

Rylee May.
Charlotte brought an ice cream cake, and it was delicious!
Jordan enjoyed his piece of cake!

Poppy, the birthday guy, and Rylee.

I found Rylee this pink and purple vanity at the after Christmas sales.  We took it to her last Tuesday, and Poppy put it together for her.

Here it is in her pink and purple room.  Matches perfect!  It came with a pretend blow dryer, curling iron, etc.

I'm so glad she likes it!

Jordan playing with his new toy I found him.  It is a police station and fire station with all of the cars to go with it.  He loved it!

Of course Percie went with us!  Oreo loves her!

Oreo is so cute and full of energy!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday cards and gifts!


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