Wednesday, October 13, 2010

THS and ASU Homecoming 2010

Last weekend, October 1-3, Joe and I went to Trumann High School and Arkansas State University's Homecoming.  I'm so glad they both fell on the same weekend!  
THS Homecoming was a blast!  Joe's cousin was the sophomore maid and looked SO pretty!  Rylee was so excited!  She kept saying, "Kelly's the one in the blue dress!"

After the game, Joe and I went to IHOP with Derek and Magan.  It was CRAZY by the time we left.......probably because it was also ASU homecoming weekend. 
On Saturday morning I had an Alumni event in the Delta Zeta suite, then Joe and I headed to the game.  It was great to get to see everyone!  When we first got to the game the weather was awesome......then these crazy strong winds came out of no where and it got COLD!  I was one of those crazy people standing in line right after the game started spending entirely too much money on a was either buy the hoodie or go sit in the car!  Ha! 

ASU did not win, but we had fun anyway!! 
When we got back to Joe's parent's house, we let the dogs in.  We noticed Molly was limping so Joe checked her out.  Something had bitten her.  I called our vet in Beebe on his cell phone 9:00 p.m. ........on a Saturday night.......and he called me back less than 5 minutes later!  That's what you call an awesome vet.  He asked me a million questions and had me check her all over.  He said he thought she would be fine, but he would meet us at the office if we wanted him to.  He said he wanted to see her Sunday morning......yes you read that right.....Sunday morning because he knew she would need antibiotics for the bites.  So, Joe and I packed our stuff, stopped by Wal-Mart on our way out of town to get Molly some aspirin, and headed back to Beebe.  We went to mama's house and spent the night there.   When we got there we gave Molly a bath because the vet wanted us to try to clean her wounds the best we could.  Poor Molly!  We did take her to the vet Sunday morning and she got a shot and some antibiotics and pain meds.  She is now finished with all of her meds and is totally healed and doing great!  

Molly, Percie, Sophie, and Joe took a Sunday afternoon nap! 

We had a great weekend!!


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