Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cooking Out at the Dorm

I had to share this sweet picture of Murphey cuddling with Percie.  Percie is so scared of Murphey.  She just shakes and shakes!!

Here is Joe getting the grill ready.  Grandmama, Logan, Braden, Molly, and Murphey came to visit today.  It was a great day to be outside!

Molly loves walks outside!

Logan playing on the bike rack.  He tried and tried to figure out the combination for the locks on the bikes.  It kept him busy for a long time!

Braden and I took Molly and Percie for a walk.  (while Logan tried to figure out the combination!)  Braden threw a stick for Molly and Percie to chase.  They all had a great time!

ASU Beebe campus is really pretty.....especially in the fall.  I love these huge trees!  Percie loves them too because many squirlls live in these trees.  She loves chasing the squirlls!

Grandmama, Braden, and Logan patiently waiting for Joe to finish grilling supper.

The boys getting a grilling lesson.

The chicken, pork chops, and potatoes on the grill.  (That white stuff is ranch on the chicken.  Logan and Joe loved it.)

Braden played ball with Percie.  She was so tired!  (she is snoring on the couch with Joe right now!  Ha!)

Here are the boys enjoying their supper while watching old Transformer cartoons that Joe got from Netflix.  They really enjoyed the cartoons......

but they really enjoyed playing xbox 360 on the big screen.

Braden liked playing with the balls on the pool table.

Logan enjoyed playing with Murphey......

and Murphey enjoyed playing in the water!

Crazy cat!!

The boys also enjoyed a walk with grandmama and Molly, church with grandmama, and playing with the kittens next door to grandmama's house before they came to visit us today!

Logan was excited about going back to grandmama's and looking at the stars with his telescope.

We had a great Sunday with the boys!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Arkansas vs. Mississippi State

This morning we left bright and early for the Arkansas Mississippi State game with two excited boys!  Kick off was at 11:21 a.m.

The boys walking to the game.  We sat in the car for over an hour before getting to park.....and parked very far from the stadium!

The boys finally in the stadium.

Watching the game.

Calling the hogs!

Logan enjoying his nachos.
Logan also enjoyed talking football to the guys sitting behind us.  I don't think he has ever met a stranger.

The score at half time:  Arkansas 21-Mississippi State 7.

It was the band seniors last home game, and this is the senior circle.  The band was great!

The boys enjoying their ice cream!

After the half time show we went for a potty break and I got this picture.  They don't ever just smile for a picture!  Ha!

While we were walking back, we saw this guy.  Braden and Logan were so excited!

Then we got to see Big Red!  They loved it!  Of course Logan told him he was "Tiger Bait"!  Ha!  Logan is such a mess!

Logan and I during one of the many commercial breaks.

Braden when he was asking, "Can we go yet?"  Logan wanted to stay to the very we stayed!

Logan calling the hogs!

The final score:  Arkansas 42-Mississippi State 21.

We had a great time at the game!

After the game we went to Olive Garden for supper. 

Logan enjoying his fettucini alfredo.

Braden enjoying his cheese pizza.  He said it was great!

After Olive Garden, the boys made a stop at Game Stop.  I don't have any pictures because I stayed in the car for this one!  After Game Stop we did a little shopping at Gander Mountain.  The boys enjoyed it.

Braden especially liked "driving the buggy".

We had a great day with Braden and Logan!
And Go Hogs!!


Early Christmas Present

Yesterday, Friday, November 20, 2009, mama drove to Texarkana to pick up Braden and Logan for a visit.  We met them at mama's as soon as they got to Beebe to give them an early Christmas present.

The first Christmas presents I've wrapped this year.

The boys opening their presents.

The boys wearing their presents.  Braden was so excited, and said "yes, I love Arkansas".  Logan said "Arkansas....what?"

Logan and Braden getting the rest of their present from to the Arkansas vs. Mississippi State football game.  Braden was excited!  Logan was excited, too, but quickly said "if those are tickets to the Arkansas vs. LSU game I'm not wearing this Arkansas stuff".  Joe explained that they were for the Mississippi State game TOMORROW, and a few "Yeses!" and "Alrights!" were said.
The boys excited about the game!

Braden ready for bed wearing the pj pants grandmama made.

Logan ready for bed also wearing the pj pants grandmama made.

All of the dogs joined Braden in bed.  He loved it!!  We had to make Elroy get off the bed.  He decided he was sleeping all night with Braden!

Molly and Percie joined Logan in bed, but Elroy wouldn't leave Braden!

Next will be pictures from the game!


God's Princess

At WOW this Wednesday we talked about being God's princess.  The girls LOVED it.  They LOVED playing with play-doh, too!!

I love these girls, and I am so glad I get to spend every Wednesday night with them!