Sunday, January 3, 2010

Anniversary Weekend


Friday, December 18, 2009, Joe and I left when I got off work to go to Hot Springs for the weekend for our anniversary. 

Joe driving to Hot Springs (wearing the gloves I stopped and got at Wal-mart in Cabot).

Percie and I waiting in the car while Joe checked into the hotel.

We stayed at the Clarion Resort on the Lake.  Love it!  (They have great rates when it is not lake season!)

Welcome to our room...

Percie's first trip to a hotel!  She did great!

Our room was so nice!  Here is Percie with her toy......that we accidentally left at the hotel.  Oh well.....she has plenty!

The hotel from the outside.

On Friday night, we ate at Joe's favorite........Rod's Pizza Cellar!

Joe wearing his new jacket I found for him at our favorite store.......Wal-mart.  He forgot his, and it was VERY cold outside!  (We won't even go into all of the things I forgot for this trip.  That is so not like me.  I think I forgot my hair spray, socks, jewelry, brush, lotion, etc., because I made so much fun of Annslie for always forgetting stuff a few weeks earlier when we went to Carie's!  Ha!  Oh well......that is why I have a huge purse and carry travel everything.......and made a few trips to Wal-mart!)
Back to Rods......

Joe and his favorite pizza.

My cheese bread sticks.  Yum!

What was left.

Joe and Percie resting after a big meal!

Saturday morning we went to IHOP for some yummy breakfast.

Joe patiently waiting for his pancakes.

We went to a few stores that won't let Percie come dare them!  Then we picked her up at the hotel and headed to Petco.  It was pet adoption day, so she got to meet many new friends!  But, you know......she is such a snob so she wouldn't have anything to do with them!

Riding in the buggy.

Then we went to downtown Hot Springs and walked around.  We went in this neat pet store that WOULD let Percie come in!  She loved it! (mainly because it was warm....and it was VERY cold outside!  She doesn't do cold!)

Joe found a "My Boston Terrier is smarter than your honor student" sticker!  I thought it was hilarious!

After leaving downtown, we bundled up and headed out to Garvan Woodland Gardens to walk through their Christmas light trail.

My camera doesn't take good pictures of Christmas lights, but believe was beautiful!

Did I mention it was COLD!?!
Joe and Percie posing for a picture.

Me and Percie.

I loved these poinsettias.  Everybody kept commenting on how cute and well behaved Percie was.  She gets so much attention every where we go and everyone wants to pet her.  But then she is her usual shy self and we have to make her sit so they can pet her.  She never growls or snaps at anyone......she is just a big chicken and doesn't want to let anyone she doesn't know touch her.  She is such a mess!

She got really cold, so her daddy put her in his jacket.  She was pretty happy!  We saw another Boston Terrier.  I think she thought it was Molly, because she ran up to him, sniffed him, noticed it wasn't Molly, and started acting like a snob.  Ha!

One last VERY COLD picture.  I am so glad we went.  It was beautiful, and I think we have to make this a yearly tradition!

We took Percie back to the hotel and went out to eat at Picantes.  It was great!
Joe tired of me taking his picture eating!  Ha!

Sunday morning we got up early so we could go eat at The Pancake Shop and leave Percie in the hotel room while we ate before check out time.  

The Pancake Shop is wonderful!

Joe had the banana pancakes....with sugar free syrup of course.  He said they were great!

Then we picked up Percie, checked out of the hotel, and headed home.

We made a quick stop at Petco in Bryant.  I have never been to that shopping center, but it is really nice!

Percie likes shopping!

We had a great anniversary weekend in Hot Springs.  Nothing can beat the cruise last year.....but this was a close second!


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