Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bella is 1 Day Old

On my lunch break today, Joe and I went to the hospital to see Bella (and Natalie and James).
Her wreath was on her door.

I got to hold her!  She is so tiny!  Joe was trying to take her picture and she kept covering up her face.

Isn't she pretty!?!

She was wide awake again!  She is such a wiggly baby.  She yawned, sneezed, and had the hicups while I was holding her.  We weren't there that long. Ha!

I think she looks just like Natalie.  She may have James' eyes, but the rest of her is definitely Natalie!

Doesn't Natalie look great!?!  And look at the baby girl with her eyes wide open!
James and Natalie, thank you so much for letting Joe and I spend time with you guys today, and thank you for sharing your baby girl with me for a little while.  She is so sweet!

I can't wait to see her tomorrow!


Bella Michelle Horton Makes an Entrance

Monday, March 1, 2010, I called Natalie to check on her (you know....since her due date was 2-24-10 and Bella had not arrived yet).  She said that she was being induced the next morning! (3-2-10)
Natalie started out in room 1202.

When I stopped by on my lunch break, Natalie had just gotten her epidural.  She wasn't hurting anymore, and doing great!

Baby Bella's heartbeat was good and strong!
Keeping Natalie and James company and waiting patiently for Baby Bella.

My last picture with Natalie and Baby Bella in her tummy!
 I really wish I could've just stayed.....but I had to go back to work.
I stopped by after work, and no Baby Bella, yet.  I hadn't been there too long when the doctor decided to do a c-section.

 Mama and I went to the cafeteria in the hospital to grab a bite to eat while they prepped Natalie for surgery.  While we were down walks Annslie.  She told me she wasn't going to be able to come because she had to study for a test.....but she couldn't stand it!  

Poor Natalie was having surgery while we were in the caf eating!  

Annslie and I waiting for Bella!

Natalie's sweet grandparents, Natalie's mom, and Annslie waiting in the waiting room for Bella.  Natalie's little sister has the flu, so she wasn't able to be there.  Natalie's mom was on the phone with her, letting her know what was going on. We missed you Christina!  I hope you feel better really soon!!,

James' dad, step-mom, and James and Natalie's preacher waiting for Baby Bella!

She's here!!  Look how happy Natalie's grandfather is!

Baby Bella was born at 7:25 p.m. on March 3, 2010, weighing 6 pounds and 14 ounces.  She was 19 inches long, and wide awake!!  Wide awake and very content.  No crying, just looking around, and looking at her daddy a lot!!
My immediate thought was Oh my goodness she looks so much like Natalie!!  She is such a pretty baby girl!

James is such a proud daddy!!  

After making sure Baby Bella was doing great and very well taken care of, James came out of the nursery to say hi.  Annslie giving James a congratulations hug.

It was so sweet......when Natalie's doctor came out to talk to James after the surgery he said he wanted to go look at Bella because he didn't get a good look at her in the operating room!  I thought that was wonderful!

Waiting to go back and see Natalie.  She was in recovery from surgery.

We heard Bella was getting her first bath, so I had to go see.  She did great.  She didn't cry the whole time.  She has more hair in the back than she does on top.  Her hair color is pretty light.

The nurse got that diaper on her fast......

James, Natalie and Bella spent some time together after they brought Bella to Natalie for the first time.  Natalie got to see her in the operating room, but she hadn't gotten to hold her yet.  I got to go back and see Natalie really quickly because Bella was ready to eat.
Bella, I am so happy you are here!  I am so happy you are so healthy.  Natalie and James, I am so happy for you guys!  She is perfect!


A Saturday in Jonesboro 2-27-10

On Saturday, February 27, mama, Michelle, and I went to Jonesboro for a little shopping.  I love Turtle Creek Mall!  It is so nice, and everything is inside in one place.......even Target!  We had a great day and found some good deals.  I even bought another dress.  What is wrong with me?  I haven't owned a dress (except for formals) since I was a little girl.  They usually just do not look right on me.  But, I have found a few really cute ones lately.  They will be GREAT for the cruise!
After shopping, we went to Gosdey's in downtown Jonesboro.  Some of my sorority sisters were meeting for dinner, so I met them there.
Elizabeth and April.  I miss hanging out with these girls more often!
Me and Liz.  She still cracks me up!

The most awesome dip ever!  It is called Hog Wild dip.  It was bacon, sausage, pulled pork, tomatoes, cream cheese, and some spices.  OMG!  It was awesome!  (April, I promise I was just trying to take a picture of my dip.  Your nachos looked pretty awesom, too!)

I love these girls!

We always have so much fun!

I hope we didn't disturb too many other people with our laughing!  Liz even told the "my car turned into a bar-b-que grill" story for old times sake!!  
We should so do this more often!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Christy Comes to Town 2-26-10

On Friday, February 26, Christy came to we got to have dinner with her Friday night at
Docs Grill!  I love Docs!
We had a great dinner!  After dinner we just drove around Searcy for a little while and then came back to Beebe.  We always have so much fun together!  I wish it had been a longer visit, but maybe soon!

We Made a Stop Along the Way......

in Texarkana to see the Gants.
I asked Corbin if I could take his picture, and he said yes and started dancing!  This was the best shot I got!  Ha!

Carson is growing like crazy!!  Both of the Gant boys are so cute!!

Corbin had a great time playing with Molly and Percie.  It was great for them!!

It was Carson's favorite time......meal time!  Isn't he precious!?!

Corbin played with Uncle Joe some, too.  Man I wish I had half of that boy's energy!  

Carson decided to have a cracker, too.  He was cracking me up.....every time I would take a picture, he would smile after it flashed.  He definitely knows what to do, he just doesn't quite have it down yet!  He is such a sweet boy!
I'm glad we got to see the Gants.  I just hate it that the visit was so short!


Buffalo Wild Wings 2-21-10

On Sunday, Mattilyn's soccer team was having a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings, so that is where we had lunch.
I had never eaten there, but it was great!

Can you tell they are tired of me taking their picture?

Reading the trivia questions.

And then they decided to play.  They did pretty good!

Logan eating wings and still playing trivia!  He was so funny.  Before we went in he told Joe that the last time he ate there he got boneless wing and it was just like chicken nuggets with the sauce on it.  He said he wanted the REAL wing this time.....the ones with the bones in them.  Ha!

Joe got the REAL wings, too.

Then we went to Logan's basketball practice at the other YMCA.  He had a great time practicing, 

and Braden had a great time playing in grandmama's sun roof.
After we picked Logan up, we had to go back to the Reeder's house and load the car to head out of town.  We met their cousin Kassie there.  She had boy duty until Jeannie, Lon, and Mattilyn got home from San Antonio later that night.  Braden had another soccer game, then they just played.  I know they had a great time!

We had a great weekend in Shreveport.  We missed seeing Jeannie, Mattilyn, and Lon, but it was fun spending time with the boys!


Saturday games 2-20-10

On Saturday morning we got up and got ready for the day of games.  I love watching them play sports.  I hated it that some of their games were at the same time, so I didn't get to watch all of them.  Mama was the transportation, I was assigned to Braden, and Joe was assigned to Logan.
Braden and his friends.  We started off the day at Braden's soccer game.

He did so good!  He scored his teams 2 goals!!

He played so hard!

Good game.

Joe and Logan were at his basketball game at the YMCA.  It is such a neat old building.

I think it is one else might, but we don't have any buildings like this in Beebe!  Ha!

Joe and Logan after Logan's game.

I don't know what Joe was doing!

Then we went to lacrosse.  Joe stayed with Logan while we ran some errands.

after lacrosse we ate lunch at Olive Garden.

Logan had fettucini alfredo and Braden had mac-n-cheese.
Joe had some kind of seafood pasta.

Us leaving Olive Garden.

Mama and I left the boys at home and did a little shopping.  There was a dress at Old Navy that I really wanted and they don't have it in my size any where around here and they don't sell it online.  So, I decided to try Shreveport Old Navy.  THEY HAD IT!!  Yay!!  I would show you a picture of it, but it is being altered right now.  It is too long.......imagine that!

After a little shopping, it was time for Braden's basketball game.

He did a great job!

The boys after the game.

After the basketball game we went back to the Reeder's house to relax.  The boys played more games.  But they sat still for these games.  Ha!

Logan, Joe, and Braden went to Game Stop to spend Logan's gift card he got for his birthday.  He got a new game for his DS.

Then they played some more.  Molly made herself comfortable on Braden's lap!
We had a great Saturday in Shreveport!