Monday, July 23, 2012

7 Months Old

I really can't believe that this baby girl is 7 months-old!  

I also can't believe that she has her 1st tooth!  It is one of her bottom front teeth.  She was a little clingy/cranky, but did not have a lot of the typical teething symptoms.  She does slobber a little, but nothing like I've seen other kiddos do before.  She does chew on stuff a lot.  And Thursday night she ran a low fever.  Then Friday when we were on our way to visit Joe's parents I found her tooth!!  

She is also sitting up on her own very well.  She rarely falls over when it isn't on purpose.  Now that she can sit up she does not want to lay down.  She has given up laying in her bath tub.  If I lay her down she grabs both sides of her tub and pulls herself up to sit again!  Ha!  I've got to get her one of the seats that suctions to the bottom of the bath tub so she can sit up and play in the water.

She also holds her bottle all on her own now.  She is getting so independent!  She has learned how to raise the bottle up to get every sip out of it!  Ha!  And she still gets super mad when her bottle is all gone.  She is eating 1 baby food fruit, 1 baby food veggie, and cereal everyday along with her formula.  Her little belly isn't a big fan of food so we also had to add 3 ounces of apple juice to help her out.  She LOVES it! 

I know she is going to start crawling any day!!  And she talks all the time.  I am waiting for that 1st official word.  I don't think it will be long at all.  

She and Percie are BFFs for real!  It cracks me up.  They really adore each other.

She is sleeping about 8 to 10 hours at night and she takes 2 to 3 naps a day.  Some mornings she takes a short nap, then a 3 hour nap in the afternoon when her brothers are napping :), and usually a 2 hour nap at night after she finishes eating.  Her nap schedule is very convenient for her mama!  Ha!  At night we are able to give the boys a bath, play with them, put Mister Mess to bed, and clean up after supper before she wakes up. 

She is such a cuddly baby!  Even when she isn't tired.  It is so sweet!  I still adore her hugs and kisses.  She squeals and giggles all the time. 

She usually goes to sleep really easy.  She would probably always go to sleep on her own in her bed, but sometimes I like to hold her.  :)  Laying her down is super easy.  She never wakes up.  She most definitely always has to sleep with her blanket and pacie.  Speaking of her pacie, she can pull it out of her mouth to cry and maybe be a little dramatic and then put it back in her mouth when she is ready.  Mess. 

But when her pacie falls out of her mouth at night and in her sleep (her eyes are always still closed) and she decides she wants it back, I have to help her out.  She can't seem to put it back in her mouth by herself then.  :)

And, she does not have any more hair than the day we met her.  :)  So, if you have ever seen her, her hair looks exactly the same, even if it was 5 months ago.  Ha!  I keep telling her she will have hair one day.  She sure does love mine!  She is an awesome hair puller.  She is SO good at grabbing those little hairs that hurt really bad when pulled.  :)  Good thing I usually wear my hair pulled back.  She gets SO excited when she sees me with my hair down.  Ha! 

I am amazed at how fast she is changing.  I think she does something new every day.  I'm not so sure how I feel about that.  :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Boys Room

I think I will give this early morning before the boys wake up blogging thing a try.  I have WAY too many projects to do during nap time to have time to blog then.

The boys room was the first one I finished after we moved in.  It was the easiest because I used all the same stuff from their old room.  I had just finished their old room a few months before we moved.  This time you will notice that the one thing missing is the stripes.  I decided against them this time.  They were a booger to paint!  

*Be prepared for picture over load!*
This is to your right when you first walk in the door. I have plans to paint this chest of drawers.  I think that the room needs more ice blue, but I don't think that would grow with the boys very well.  (and I dont want to be repainting this dresser every time I redo their room!)  I had decided to paint it red because I think that would grow with them.  But there is so much red in this room! So, I'm pretty sure it will be painted green very soon.  Stay tuned to see if I change my mind again.  :))

The TV is not even plugged in.  Ha!  I am thinking about just storing it for when they get older after I paint the dresser. 
I still use the changing table for Mister Mess right now.  But, he is working very hard at learning to dress himself, so it may not be there long.  I have got to have a picture taken to put in that big frame!
Big Brother's bed is definitely staged for this picture!  He has 2 other blankets and quite a few stuffed friends that he insists on having on his bed.   But I can pretend that this is what his bed looks like every day.  :)  (And there is a reason that the mobile is hung above his bed.  We will get to that in a minute.)

And this is where Mister Mess' bed would be if the boys were able to sleep in the same room.  :)  The boys really do have a great time together.  They especially have a great time getting in trouble together.  And MM isn't quite old enough to reason with yet.  Big Brother totally understands the rules, but when MM does not that poses a bit of an issue.  I have high hopes that by Christmas they will learn to sleep in the same room.  But, for now Miss Priss' bed is in our room and MM's bed is in Miss Priss' room.  He told me he doesn't mind all the pink because the lights are off when he is in there and he can't see it anyway.  :)  If I tell him to go to his room, he goes to Big Brother's room.  If I tell him it's time to go night night, he goes to his sister's room.  See, he totally gets it!  ;)
There are a few pretty special things in the boys room, and this is definitely one of them.  (You can read about when I first did the room here:  The Room )  My very good friend, Marianne. had this painted for us, and I love it!!

This shelf is also pretty special.  Well, not really the shelf, but the stuff on it.  The books and toys were mine when I was a baby and the football players were in Joe's nursery.  The baby shoes were my dads.

And here is MM's bed in his sissy's room.  :)  And his bed was definitely staged for this picture.  He has several things he insist on having in his bed.  

One of which is "duck duck" as shown in this picture.  They say you always lose something when you move, and this time it happened to be duck duck.  I just knew he would be sad!  But, he only asked about him a few times and slept just fine without him.  All of the boxes are unpacked and duck duck has still not been found.  Crazy!  Well, I was at target one day and I saw a new duck duck!!  He doesn't look exactly like the first duck duck, but he is very close.  When I got him out of the sack, MM looked at him, grinned from ear to ear, and screamed DUCK DUCK!  Ha!  He gave him a hug and a kiss and you could not pry him out of his arms!  Now when we rock him to sleep at night duck duck has to rock, too.  And he insists that you give duck duck a night night kiss, too.  :)

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of their closet.  Big Brother is still asleep so I am not going to do that right now, but I'll add a picture of the closet later.  

Hope you enjoyed the first of many room tours in our new house!  Hopefully I will be able to finish a few more rooms and give you a peak.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Has Percie Been Up To?

Why in the world did I think I was going to have more time to blog when I was home?  And how in the world did I have time to work?  :)

I know you guys have been wondering what Percie has been up to!?!

She is loving our new house.  There are many more places she can hide from the kiddos.  :)  She LOVES her new backyard.  The squirrels love to tease her from the huge old trees.  I am pretty sure they throw stuff at her on purpose.  She has plenty of space to run and she loves that!

She also loves going for walks on campus.  She told me she prefers when I leave the kids at home with Joe and just take her.  :)
She has decided she does not mind sharing a bath tub with the kids.  Especially since I usually wait until they are in bed to give her a bath.  :)

And don't worry, her wardrobe is not hurting since we have to buy clothes for kiddos now.  She has her very own closet in our new house!  I love having a place to keep all of her stuff!

She has decided cleaning up the floor of the dining room after we finish dinner isn't so bad either.  Ha!  She has also decided that Miss Priss is her new BFF.  She comes to tell us immediately if she starts crying.  She also loves to sit on the couch when I am holding her.  Miss Priss definitely shares the love.  She tries to kiss Percie with her mouth wide open and it cracks me up!  I have the cutest picture from yesterday that I wish I could share.  Miss Priss fell asleep on her boppy pillow on the couch next to me.  Percie layed down on the couch and put her head on the boppy right next to Miss Priss and they both slept.

She has also decided that Big Brother isn't so bad.  He stays up after Mister Mess and usually watches a movie.  Percie jumps up on the couch and sits in his lap.  And, she usually goes to check on him when he is in time out.  :)  Makes me laugh.  He knows he is not supposed to play in time out, so he will look at her and say "Percie, I'm in time out.  I can't play right now."  HA!  He is not supposed to talk either, but that makes me laugh every time.  She thinks if someone is sitting on the floor, they are sitting there because they want to pat her.  :)

She is scared to death of Mister Mess.  If he is around, you will either not be able to find her or she will be shaking like a leaf!  I mean, I can't say that I blame her.  He is pretty rough with her, but we are working on that.  :)  And she looks at him like he has lost his mind when he licks her.  Yes, you read that right.  We are working on that, too.  :)

She LOVES it that I am home all day, but she is not so sure about the kids being home all day.  Ha!  We were making a family trip to Sonic the other night and were going to take her with us.  She LOVES to ride in the car.  We all got in the car and I looked at Joe and asked where Percie was.  He didn't know.  I went back in the house and she was on our bed stretched out!  Ha!  I'm pretty sure she was glad we were taking the 3 and leaving.  She did not want to join us.  So we left her at home so she could have some peace and quiet.  She used to always be the first one at the door when I grabbed my keys, but not anymore!  I think she is happy to see us go.

I am very proud of her.  Her whole world changed when we welcomed 3 kids in 4 months into our home.  She has handled it better than I ever thought she would.  She has never growled or shown her teeth or anything at any of the kids.  I am so thankful.  We do not have near as much time as we used to to sit and pat her, but she is learning to be more independent.  Thankfully.  Not sure if I could handle 4 making every step I make all day.  :)

So, even though Percie has to share her time with her mom and dad now, I'm pretty sure she loves having the company.  At least 2 out of the 3.  :)