Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Night


Everyone was tired, so this is how Joe, Percie, Molly, and Oliver waited for the Reeders.

Oliver snuggled with Molly.  He loves her!
The Reeders opening stockings!  The trip was pretty uneventful for them.  They made one quick detour around Jacksonville.

Opening stockings.

Sophie and Ollie sleeping on the cat scratch pad.

Mattilyn hiding behind her presents.


Mattilyn with her red bow on her head and her Webkinz.

Braden showing off his pajama pants his grandmama made him!

Mattilyn holding Sophie and Oliver.

Mattilyn, Logan, and Braden in front of grandmama's Christmas tree on Christmas night (and the webkinz and Oliver).
This is my new camera that the Reeders got me for Christmas!  Thank you so much!  (This is also the last picture taken by my old camera!)

We had a great Christmas!


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