Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, Malinda and Roy had the family over to their house for Christmas dinner and a gag gift exchange.

Jordan playing with his truck.

Rylee wearing her Hannah Montana outfit.  She wanted me to use "that hot curling thing" on her hair and "make her look like Hannah Montana".  I asked her to show me what she was talking about and she took me in her mama's bathroom and showed me her flat iron.  She cracks me up!

Her Hannah Montana hair!

Murphey got in the house, so Rylee scooped him up and put him back outside.  Murphey loves her!

Rylee's cute pink and purple bedroom!

Jordan in his cute John Deere room.

Dannie telling a story, and Scot and Harold listening intently.

Tara opening her gag gift.

Nanny with a bow on her head!

Joe and his gag gift.

Mama and Holly.  There is a very long story behind why mama was at Joe's family Christmas.  It has something to do with The Christmas Flood of 2009.  I will try to make the story short.  Mama leftr her house around 7:45 a.m. on Christmas Eve to go to Shreveport, LA, to spend the night with Jeannie and her family.  At 2:30 p.m. she finally arrived back in Beebe never getting south of Little Rock because they were closing roads due to all the water.  She got bumped from behind by an 18 wheeler and backed into at Chick-fil-a in Conway.  Why was she in Conway you ask?  Well, she had to come home from Little Rock on I-40 and drive on the highway from Conway to Beebe.  Joe left Trumann and picked her up in Beebe so she did not have to spend Christmas alone in Beebe.  She was so tired of driving and being in the car that I think she would have been just fine at home, but I didn't want her to be there by herself when we didn't know if we were going to be able to get back to Beebe on Christmas Day or if Jeannie and her family were going to be able to get there as planned.  Joe drove through some pretty deep water to get to her and there was only one way to get into Jonesboro when they were on their way back.  I'm just glad they made it safely!  Christmas Eve it rained and rained and rained!

Uncle Harold cracks me up!  Holly, mama's dog, came to Christmas at Malinda's.  When it was Harold's turn to pick a gag gift, he bent over and no one knew what he was doing.  He stood up holding Holly saying "I'll take this one."  Holly looked scared to death!  I'm just glad she didn't bite him!  She can be cranky at times.

The Pankey/McCarty bunch.

The James Hooker bunch.

The Story's.  (An extension of the Donald Hooker bunch.  Uncle Donald could not get out in all of the rain.  It was up past his ankles in his carport.  We sure did miss Donald and Carnell!)

The Dannie Hooker bunch.

Jordan had a blue ring pop.  He is so cute!

Rylee and Jordan put out reindeer food for Santa's reindeer.

Tara and Tony came over to Dannie and Charlotte's after we left Malinda's so they could meet.......

Sophie and Oliver.

And Tony enjoyed playing xbox 360!

We had a great Christmas Eve despite the Christmas Flood of 2009!


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