Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mt. View

Every Wednesday I work in Mt View.  I absolutely LOVE working there.  The people are so nice, there is good shopping (their Wal-Mart always has the best sales!), and the drive is beautiful!  I took some picture of my drive home on Wednesday, January 13. 

Yes, I was taking pictures while I was driving!

And there was still snow on the ground from A WEEK AGO!   That is how cold it was that week!

Luckily it is not a busy road and I could slow down to take pictures!

More snow!

I love this view!  And, this is the only straight stretch for about 20 miles, so if I get stuck behind somebody slow, I can actually pass them!!  Ha!

I was actually taking a picture of the hills, but you do see many chicken houses along the highway!  Ha!

More snow!

There is one part of the trip that in the winter you can see the river right next to the highway for quite a while.  It is so pretty!

Mt. View is about a 80 mile one way trip.  Next time I go I will have to take some pictures of the town and my favorite places to eat and shop while I am there!


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