Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mackenzie's Letters

My friend Michelle just repainted her daughter Mackenzie's room pink......Mackenzie's favorite color of course.  She was trying to decide whether or not to rehang her letters that spell her name on the wall.  She was afraid they would not stand out as well on the pink walls.  She was also a little worried that they were too small.  So, I had seen on a few blogs where they had put frames around the letters and decided to give it a try.
Michelle brought me the letters.  I went to Wal-Mart on my lunch break and got 9 white picture frames and some ribbon.  When we were at Hobby Lobby I got some burlap.  I took the glass out of the picture frames (anyone have any creative ideas for the nine pieces of 5x7 glass??) and hot glued the burlap to the back of the frame.  Then I hot glued the letters to the burlap.  Next, I hot glued the ribbon to the back of all of the frames and tied the bows.  

What would I do without a hot glue gun?!?

I like the way they turned out.

I hope the white frames will really "pop" on the pink walls.

I can't wait to see them hanging on Mackenzie's wall!  
And yes, Mackenzie does spell her name M-A-C-K-E-N-Z-I-E.......and the C is left out in the picture above.  The C fell off the wall and Michelle put it away so she could find it after they got the walls painted.  Right now it is no where to be found, but I made a frame so when she finds it all she will have to do is hot glue it on the burlap.  

I will have to take a picture after Michelle gets the letters hung on the wall.  I can't wait to see, and I hope Mackenzie loves them!


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