Sunday, January 24, 2010

Maranda and Rae's 30th Birthday Bash

My 30th Birthday was January 17, and one of my BFFs and college roommate, Maranda's, 30th birthday was January Maranda and Josh were nice enough to host our 30th birthday party at their house.

The food table.

A lot of our friends were able to come.  Thanks guys!

Michelle and mama.

James, Natalie, and Baby Bella.


Maranda and I with our cake.

I got the cake at Cutie Cakes in Searcy.  The top layer was strawberry and the bottom layer was french vanilla.  It tasted so good! (Thanks Michelle for picking it up for me.  I did not go to work on Thursday or Friday because of this crazy sickness, so Michelle picked up the cake for me and brought it to the party!)

 Natalie, Michelle, mama, and Annslie hanging out in the kitchen.

Ima, Jennifer, and Maranda toasting Maranda's birthday.

Christy and Michelle.

Ima, Maranda, Crystal, and Jennifer.

Joey and Annslie.

Allen and Michelle.

Natalie and James.

Natalie and Baby Bella at 35 weeks.  Doesn't she look great!?!

Me and Christy.
(Thanks so much for coming Christy and to Crunch for keeping Carson so Christy could come.  Christy drove to Cabot from Texarkana Saturday after working all night Friday night then drove back to Texarkana after the party and ended up getting home around midnight.  Not to mention the rain she had to drive in!  Thanks again Christy.  It was great to see you!)

Mama and me.  (And Annslie and Joey's plate.  HA!)

That's better!

Some of the girls:  Jennifer, Maranda, Christy, Annslie, Natalie, Michelle, and me.

Maranda opening her gag gift from her brother.....granny panties!!  Ha!  She also got reading glasses and wrinkle cream.
Jennifer and Chris.

Joe being silly!

That's better!

Bryce and Ima.
(I told them to smile and this is what Bryce did!  Ha!  Bryce is Maranda's brother and Ima is his wife.  And they have the most precious 4 year-old little girl, Kelsey!!)
That's better.

Joey and James.

Josh and Maranda.

Maranda and I opening our presents from each other.  I still can't get over how curly my hair is!  All I did was put a little moose in it and blow dry it on low.  It is just crazy to me that I just woke up one morning and had curly hair!!

Joey and Joe.

Me, Annslie, and Natalie.  (We missed you Carie!)

Annslie trying to feel Baby Bella move.

Annslie saying something funny.  Are you surprised!?!

Crystal and Maranda singing karaoke.

Joe fell asleep.....

So Annslie woke him up!


Ima and Annslie.  Funny Annslie story:  Annslie says....."I did it backwards.  I thought you were supposed to lick before you took the shot."  Everyone else:  "Cracks up!"  Ima:  "That's why it is called chasing the shot with the lime.  You lick after you take the shot!"  Ha!  And let me tell you...this is not Annslie's first time to take a shot.  She cracks me up!  Annslie, Joey, and Maranda were the life of the party.
Michelle and me.

Maranda and Annslie singing karaoke.  Love Shack I think.

Joey singing karoke.  Entertaining everyone....of course!

Joey getting into it!

Annslie and mama singing karaoke.  They sang "I've Got You Babe".  Ha!

I had a great time, and I hope everyone else did, too.
(Mama, Joe, and I ended up leaving around midnight.  Everyone else was still having a great time, but that is the longest I've been out of bed since Monday!  Ha!  I always end up sick when I have something fun to do!  Oh well...I had a great time anyway!)

Happy Birthday Maranda and thanks for hosting the party.
It brought back many memories from many college birthday parties!

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