Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet the Turtles

I realized that I had not put any pictures of our pet turtles on the blog.

I went back to the doctor Thursday because I'm still not feeling too great.  He put me on a pretty high dose of steroids.  I am also going to see an ENT in Little Rock on Monday.  (That is the soonest they could work me in.)  Steroids make me want to clean even more than usual.  Which if you know me, I really stand for everything not to be put away.  So.....poor Joe!  Ha!  But anyway.....I told you all of that to say that where I sit on the couch I stare right at the turtle tank.  It was definitely not clean, but I was really not feeling good.  (I have a love hate relationship with steroids!  Ha!  I love them because EVENTUALLY they make me feel better, but I hate them because they make me want to do things when I really don't feel like doing anything, I eat like crazy, and I can't sleep!)  So, Mama came over and helped me clean the turtle tank!  Yay!  And we washed dishes, put laundry away, took out the trash, etc.  I just feel so much better when all of that is done!

The turtles and I both thank you mama!


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