Monday, June 29, 2009

Pregnant Belly in a Bikini

That's right.......Percie has a new bikini!!

I had to go to Wal-mart on my lunch break today. My niece, Mattilyn, is at Camp Ozark for the next 2 weeks, and I had to get some cards and small gifts to mail her. So, I HAD to stop on the pet isle and see what they had. I fell in love with this bikini! I've been looking for her a swim suit for a while, and I couldn't pass this one up! She will be so cute at the lake in this.

This little tag was on the bikini. It was pretty obvious to me it was for a dog, but I guess they were worried about someone putting it on their child. Kinda crazy!I also HAD to get her this dress. It has a grass skirt!! Too cute!!Here she is outside. You can really see the grass skirt in this picture.

I am such a bad mama. I realized today that Percie was 50 days pregnant yesterday, and I didn't take her picture. So here she is 51 days pregnant in her bikini. I can really see a big difference from 40 to 50 days! Poor baby just gets so hot, gets the hiccups frequently, and has to go outside much more often!! We take her to the vet on Thursday. I am anxious to see if he tells us any information, like if he think she will deliver early or on time, or how many puppies he thinks she is going to have. I'll let you know Thursday!

Tonight mama and I went to the movies in Cabot to see The Proposal. It was a great movie! I won't ruin it for you, but there were some times I laughed until I cried.

I'm so ready for Thursday!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

Joe and I had a great weekend! Friday night Joe and I ate Road Hog Bar-B-Que. I love Road Hog! It is a stand in Beebe that is only open on Friday and Saturday. Every weekend that we are home we eat Road Hog. Joe rented Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler. I wasn't so sure I was going to like it, but I really enjoyed it! I definitely recommend it.

Saturday morning we headed to Hot Springs to take to boat out on Lake Hamilton. It was SOOOO hot!! We took Percie with us, and poor pregnant thing was not doing well in the heat! My mom's 6 high school friends get together every summer for their friends weekend, and this summer they chose Hot Springs. Their condo was on the lake, so we pulled right up to their condo and took a few of them out on the lake. Janelle, Mary, and mama on the boat. I really enjoyed boating on Lake Hamilton. I especially enjoyed looking at all of the pretty condos and houses on the lake. I would love to have a condo or house on that lake!!
Here is all six of them: (front L to R) Mary, Mary Lynn, Janelle, ( back L to R) Jeanette, mama, and Sammy.

Funny Story behind this picture. Mary told everyone "chins up" before I took the picture. Janelle says "which chin?" Then (laughing) mama throws her head all the way back and everyone but Mary follows. It was too funny!!

Here is their condo from the lake. It was awesome!! I especially loved all of the art. It was 3 bedroom 2 bath, and had plenty of room. For those of you (all 2 of you who read this) who know Lake Hamilton, it is right across the lake from Fisherman's Wharf.

It is so hard to get a good picture of Percie, but here she is in the condo. She always moves while I'm taking her picture!!

Today I slept in! When mama got home from Hot Springs, she and I went to my friend Maranda's house to swim. I love their pool!! We had a great time, but I forgot to take my camera. I'll get a picture next time!!

Thanks, Maranda, for letting us come swim!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

Today is my Nephew Jordan's 2nd birthday! I can't believe he is 2!

Isn't he the cutest baby!! This was on his birthday in 2007.

Here he is driving the boat Memorial Day weekend. He has grown up so much!!

Uncle Joe and Aunt Rae love you, Jordan Wesley!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day 2009

Joe and I spent Father's Day in Trumann with his dad. We went to church with the family and then went to lunch in Jonesboro at El Acapulco. I loved eating at El Acapulco when I was in college! It's great Mexican!!Here is Jordan at lunch in one of the outfits we got him for his birthday. Isn't he cute?!The food was very spicy, and Joe was definitely feeling it!!

Here is Percie and her daddy on Father's Day. Percie and her puppies got her daddy a card with a picture of a Boston Terrier on it. He was so surprised!

Happy Father's Day!!


Penny and Stella

After Sheila's Birthday Party Joe and I stopped by Tony and Tara's house for a visit. Tony was umpiring a baseball tournament. So sorry he missed all the birthday partying and we didn't get to see him!

Here is a picture of Joe and Tara and Tony's dog, Penny. Penny is so cute and friendly. She was a stray that Tony found one day and brought home. I think Joe was talking during this picture!!

Recently Tony found 3 tiny kittens that their mother had abandoned. Tara bottle fed them, and unfortunately 2 of the kittens did not make it. But, Miss Stella did!!

Here is Tara and her baby kitty. Isn't she cute!!

Tara and Tony weren't sure how Penny would react to the kittens, but boy were they surprised! Penny was a pretty hyper dog until the kittens came into the picture. Now she is so calm! Penny turned into the kittens mother. She even had milk and nursed the kittens! I didn't know that was possible, but it happened!! Penny even picked up the kittens and carried them around! Stella is now eating kitten food and is litter box trained. Stella and Penny are best friends! They stay in the crate together while Tara and Tony are gone and they play together all the time! It is so cute!!

Here is Stella, Tara and I. She is so tiny!! Makes me want a kitten!!

Thanks, Tara, for letting us visit your animals!!


Sheila Jo Turns 50

After Jordan's party we headed for Trumann to get ready for Joe's first cousin, Sheila Jo's, surprise 50th birthday party. She was so surprised! It was great!Tara and her dad, Uncle Donald, had a great time at the party!

And there was plenty of great food, like at all Hooker family functions!!Rylee had a great time at the party, too! Her mama says this is her "I haven't had a nap" smile!

Jordan had fun looking at Aunt Jo's backyard. He just thought it was so funny when he saw Rylee outside!

Sheila's brother, Scott, made a great DVD of pictures of Sheila from when Aunt Jo was pregnant with her until now. It was great! Then of course we watched old home videos. They were hilarious!!

I'm so glad Joe and I got to celebrate Sheila's birthday with her and the family!


Jordan Turns 2

We left Beebe Saturday around noon headed to Bay for Jordan's 2nd birthday party.
Isn't Jordan's chocolate cake cute!! Elmo, of course...
and his Elmo vanilla cup cakes!Percie came to Jordan's birthday party, too!
Jordan blowing out his 2 candles.The birthday boy and his Uncle Joe.Tara, Aunt Jo, and Scott came to celebrate Jordan turning 2! It was great to see everyone!Jordan and his truck. I think he likes it! Percie says, "It's hot in here mom! Please get this dress off!"
The kids loved the Elmo pinata! And of course all of the candy that came out of the pinata! Jordan fell asleep before the party was over!

I can't believe Jordan is 2!! Time flies!! Thanks for inviting us to your party, Jordan. We had a great time!

Friday Night Fun

Friday night Joe and I decided to go to N. Little Rock to go out to eat and shop for our nephew, Jordan's, 2nd birthday present. We decided to eat at Olive Garden. I love Olive Garden!!

A very full Joe with an empty plate!! Joe had bread sticks, soup, and the mixed grill. The mixed grill is Italian steak tips, potatoes, and veggies. He loved it! I had bread sticks and smoked mozzarella fonduta. It is actually an appetizer, but it is my favorite!! It is basically a bowl of melted cheese, a few diced tomatoes, and some bread. So good!!

Then it was off to Toys-R-Us. I love that place. We had a great time shopping for Jordan! Joe picked up one of these balls and immediately put it down. He can't stand the way they feel! Too funny!!

Jordan loves Elmo, cars & trucks, and John Deere, so we bought him one of each. Then it was off to the mall so we could go to Gymboree and Old Navy to shop for Jordan some clothes. They had some really cute stuff at Gymboree, but somebody who has a little boy who wears 2T must have bought everything in the store in that size because there was nothing left. We found him 2 cute outfits at Old Navy, though. We got 2 collared shirts and 2 pairs of those cute plaid shorts. I wish Joe would wear those cute plaid shorts, but he won't have anything to do with them. Oh well, I can buy them for Jordan!!

We had a great night! Did I mention I love Olive Garden?


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Percie 40 Days Pregnant

That's right......Percie is 40 days pregnant today. (Her eyes look kinda freaky in this picture!) Here is Percie's 40 day pregnant belly. She is doing great!! She gets hot very quick, and this really hot weather we've had this week is not helping. Poor baby pants all the time. The vet wanted us to put her on puppy food, and she is eating it okay. I think she would still prefer her good old Iams weight control dog food, but the puppy food is better for her. She continues to drink a lot which means she frequents outside much more. I can't wait to find out how many puppies are in there! Here is a picture of Braden from yesterday. He spent the afternoon with Uncle Joe so Grandmama could go to her quilting group. Uncle Joe took him to the cafeteria and got Braden this piece of cake. He enjoyed it! (I asked Joe to take pictures of what they did all afternoon, and this is what I got! Haha! You can tell he's not the one blogging. I'm thankful I got this picture though.) They played xbox 360 for the rest of the afternoon. When Grandmama was finished with quilting, she took them to Sonic. They had a great afternoon (while I was at work)!

When I got home from work we met at Mazzios for pizza! Then Grandmama and I had bible study at the church. We are doing the Beth Moore bible study on Ester. It has been great. I'm really enjoying it. About 25 minutes into bible study we got a call from Joe that we needed to come home. Poor Joe had come down with the stomach virus or food poisoning. ( We aren't for sure which it was. If nobody else gets sick, it was likely food poisoning. I guess we will find out in the next couple of days.) He was nice enough to stay in his office and use the other bathroom, and I disinfected like crazy (the house still smelled like Lysol when I got home from work today). Braden and Grandmama went to her house, and Braden attempted to teach Grandmama how to play football on the xbox. Wish I could've seen that! I hung out at home in case Joe needed something.

Braden left this morning to go home. We are really going to miss him! We had a great visit! When Grandmama and Braden were getting ready to leave this morning, Braden realized he didn't have his car. (Remember the car he picked out at Wal-mart when we went Monday night.) I found the car in my car and mailed it to him on my lunch break today. He was so upset that he couldn't find it, but he should have it in a few days.

Since Grandmama is staying in Shreveport tonight, I am staying at her house with all the animals. I had to share this cute picture of Molly!! She is mama's Boston Terrier. She will be one in September, and is all puppy. She is absolutely hilarious!! I can't wait until Percie has her puppies!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wild River Country

Today Joe and I took off work a little early to go to Wild River Country in N. Little Rock with Braden and Grandmama.

We stopped at the snow cone stand in Beebe on our way. Braden and I chose Strawberry and Grandmama chose watermelon.
They even had sugar free strawberry, so Joe got to enjoy a snow cone, too!

We all had red tongues after eating our yummy snow cones. I think Grandmama and Braden win reddest tongue!! Wild River Country was great! Braden thought it was "AWESOME!!" Here we are in the lazy river. Braden loved the lazy river, but didn't spend much time being lazy. He swam and played the whole way around. Braden and Joe rode all of the tube slides. Braden was not scared one bit! Grandmama even rode one tube slide with them. They had a great time! I know you can't see him in this picture, but Joe is standing at the top of this slide about to go down. This is the only one Braden wasn't tall enough to ride. Joe said it felt like he was going down a drain. Let's just say he only rode this one once. Here is Braden at the end of the slides. He rode the black on and the white one. He was a little apprehensive about the black one, but Uncle Joe encouraged him and Braden told him "alright, I'll be a man". Joe said that he was making everyone laugh at the bottom of the slide after he went down the first time because he was dancing and screaming "that was awesome"! Here is Joe at the bottom of the slide. I tried to take a picture of them going down the slide, but they were so fast this was the best I could do. I don't know who had more fun, Joe or Braden!!

Wild River Country is very hilly. To get to the top of the slides you have to climb up hills and steps. Joe said after their first trip up, Braden kept asking "Why did they make these hills so high?" I know 2 guys who are going to sleep good tonight!

Isn't this cute! Braden wanted to wear his towel just like Joe. I had to fold it in half and wrap it around him 3 times, but it worked.
I'm so glad we decided to go to Wild River Country!
Braden was so tired on the way home he was being silly to try not to fall asleep. Of course we heard "Joe, Joe, Joe" over and over. Grandmama and I got to the point that we just cracked up every time we heard Braden say "Joe". Braden hasn't slept past 6:30 a.m. yet. I wonder how late he will sleep tomorrow?