Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Great Weekend

I was SO excited that Maranda called and asked if I wanted to come to Greers Ferry Lake on Saturday and go out on her and Josh's boat with them and some of their friends!  I LOVE hanging out with them and the weather was perfect!  (Since the guys moved back in the dorm the weekend I was at Carie's, Joe has to work a lot of he was working this I was sad we weren't going to get to take our boat out.  But, Maranda saved the day!)
Mama and Maranda on Maranda and Josh's awesome boat!
Josh and Maranda on Mark's awesome island!
The island was a big hit!  It has 2 coolers, comfortably seats six, and has a slide off the back!  (The striped thing at the back is the slide.)  Awesome!
Heather, Crystal, and Mark chilling in the lake.
The awesome view!
Fixing lunch on the boat.
Mark, Maranda, Jonathan, and Heather on the island.
The bottom of the pool in the middle of the island is mesh so that is lake water you see in there.  It is pretty clear!
Josh and Crystal hanging out on the top deck.
Josh was ready to go in and cook dinner, so Mark started deflating the island.  Maranda wasn't ready so we stayed out until dark and Mark was sweet enough to re-inflate the island for her!  Ha!  Maranda was cracking me up!!!
Those dots you see in the water are Crystal, Heather, and Jonathan.
Crystal jumped off the cliff.  Braver than me!
Hanging out on the boat.
Me, Maranda, Jonathan, and Mark hanging out on the island.
The beautiful sunset.
Josh, Crystal, and Mark.
Crystal and Mark
Me and Maranda
It was an awesome day!  I'm so glad that I got to hang out with Maranda!  We don't live very far from each other, but we don't get to see each other very often.  It was nice to chat and catch up (and laugh at Maranda when she drank a little too much)!  I am a pretty lucky girl to have so many good friends!
Sunday morning I enjoyed an awesome church service.  Do you ever feel like the preacher is preaching at you and only you?  Well, I did on Sunday.  Oh, and by the way.....Russell Hull is the best preacher ever!

On Sunday afternoon, I picked Maranda up and we went to watch Josh, Annslie, and some other friends play kick ball in Little Rock.  Maranda is usually just a sub, but it is a good thing she brought her cleats and her team shirt just in case because she ended up playing!  And playing well, I might add.  Ha!  Their team won 15-3!  Here is Annslie with Courtney's dog, Bella, watching the game.
Courtney and Bella
Percie at her first kick ball game.
Annslie playing kick ball in the rain.  If you look really close you can see it.  I sat in the dugout out of the rain and watched.  Ha!
I LOVE this picture!  This was Josh coaching Annslie after the game.  She looks very uninterested (Kind of like "shut up, Josh!"), but Josh was actually telling her how good she had played!  Ha!  She doesn't take complements very well.  Ha!
Me, Maranda, and Annslie after the game.
Jonathan, Heather, and Courtney.
I had a great time and plan on watching more of their kick ball games!

Another Awesome Weekend!!!!


Bella's First Girls Weekend

I feel pretty lucky that I have girls I have been very good friends with for a very long time!  (Lets not be specific on exactly how makes me feel old!  Ha!)  I also feel pretty lucky that 2 of them also have little girls (and one on the way...which was confirmed today again on an ultrasound!  Yay!) who they are very thankful for and are great parents to, and who can join in our our girls weekends!  My how our girls weekends have changed over the years........I am specifically remembering that weekend we stayed in Jonesboro when we were in college, drove to Memphis to Beale Street 2 nights in a row, and also to Tunica......and my car got broken into on Beale Street, all of our stuff (including our purses) got stolen, and Annslie and I listened to Carie and Natalie all the way home!  Ha!  Remember that cute bartender who thought you were pretty cute too, Carie!?!  Anyway, we had a great weekend THIS weekend, too!!
 James playing with Bella before we left.
I met Natalie and Bella at their house in Searcy.  Annslie met us there too, and I am putting it in writing for you Anns....she was only 30 minutes late!  Ha! 
I had the pleasure of sitting in the back seat with Bella on the way there!
She took a little nap....
And then woke up for the rest of the trip.  She is such a good baby!  So cute and so sweet!
Kayt was patiently waiting for us to get there.  She opened her birthday presents, and I think she liked them!
Isn't she cute!?!
I LOVE her!
Steve talking to Bella.  Steve and Carie will be having Kennedy at the beginning of January, so I think he was trying to get used to holding a little one again.  Bella loved him!
Kayt showing us her word wall.  She is so smart!
Baby Bella after her bath.
Kayt was very interested in Baby Bella!  Well, until Sunday when her mam was talking to and holding Baby Bella....then I think she might have gotten a little jealous.  She thought Bella was pretty cool at first, but she was over her by Sunday!  Ha!
Annslie holding Bella Saturday morning before we got ready.
Annslie, Natalie, Carie and I stayed up late Friday night chatting.  I think we could do that for days!  We always have a great time together!  No more sleeping in, though.  At least not for Nat and Carie.....little ones don't seem to do that very often.  Annslie and I slept (upstairs in Carie's awesome guest room!) until 9! 
Kayt in her cute outfit with her cute bow her mama made her on (I should have taken a picture!  See, you guys make fun of me for taking so many pictures and I still don't get it all!  Ha!) all ready to go.  We had a great day of shopping, eating, and swimming planned.  What could be better!?!
Bella in her precious outfit with her name on it (of course!) all ready to go!
Annslie and Kayt in deep conversation!  Ha!  We ate lunch at Hueys.  I LOVE it!
Bella slept through most of lunch!
My awesome sausage and cheese plate!  You just can't beat the sausage in Memphis!
Kayt and Anns
Kayt enjoying her ice cream!  The ladies sitting behind us commented on how cute Kayt's bow is.  I told you it was cute!
We walked down to a specialty dog shop.  The owner had his 2 dogs in the shop.  Kayt and Bella loved them!  You can kind of see Kennedy in this picture.  Carie looks great!
Annslie, Natalie, Bella, Kayt, Kennedy, and Carie.  This is the closest thing I got to a group picture all weekend.  I'm kind of sad I forgot!  That is time we can get one with Kennedy (not in Carie's belly) in it, too!
Kayt shopping for stuff for her princess b-day party!
Carie and Kayt
Of course we had to go to Hobby Lobby!
Bella liked it!
This is what happens when you leave Annslie in charge of the children in Hobby Lobby!
Carie sees them and laughs and says "Annslie?"  Annslie says, "What? There was no one working at this desk."  Hahahaha!
Natlaie and Bella playing with Nat's iPhone.  Both of the girls love iPhones!  And guess what we were doing......waiting on Annslie in Target!  Ha!  Just kidding Anns.  You know we love you!
Bella in her swim suit eating her baby food for supper.  We went to Carie's friend Alison's house to hang out with her, eat some pizza, and swim.
Their pool is SO awesome!  It has a tanning deck that is about a foot deep.  It goes out to about where that green raft is.  Great for the kiddos, too!  I am sad I didn't get anyone's picture in the pool.  It started lightening and we had to get out.  Boo!
Kayt playing on Alison's iPad.  She is SO good at that stuff!!
Bella after swimming.  Isn't she precious!?!

Alison's house is beautiful!  I love it!
Saturday night after we got home and the little ones went to bed, I worked on a tutu for Kayt to wear to her b-day party.  I know I have said it a million times, but I really do love making stuff!  Annslie and I stayed up a little longer on our lap tops.  She was chatting with her brother, Jeremy.  He cracks me up!
Sunday morning I worked on a b-day crown for Kayt.  I also caught this cute picture of Kayt practicing being a big sister!  Aren't they cute!?!
I love this one!  I think Kayt is pretty excited!
Kayt playing on Annslie's iPhone.  We were getting ready to leave and Kayt asked where we were going.  Annslie told her we had to go home and asked Kayt if she was going to miss her.  Kayt sadly told Annslie yes........we told Anns Kayt was really just going to miss her phone.  Ha!  
I got to ride in the back with Bella again!  Yay!  We stopped at Sonic on our way out of town for some lunch.  Bella was awake for a minute.........
But then she slept the rest of the ways home!  
I had such a great weekend!  I can't wait to do it again!