Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun Day

Today Joe and I went to Little Rock for a little shopping.
First we stopped at Just Dogs!  It is such a cute dog store in the Promenade on Chenal.  

We haven't taken Percie yet, but I know she would LOVE it!  I found some cute stuff for her birthday next Friday!

Look at the gourmet dog treats!  Aren't they cute?!?
We also stopped by one of our favorite stores......Hobby Lobby!!  I am working on a few of which I will blog about next.

Then I had to run into Petsmart real fast to get some kitten food for Sophie and Oliver.  And I found.....

Percie a new sweater outfit.......

for 50 % OFF!!  Now that is a great deal!  And Isn't it cute?!? It has legs!

Then we stopped for supper at Old Chicago in N. Little Rock.  We had never eaten there before and decided to be adventurous and try it out.

It was wonderful!  Joe is giving me the crazy eye because he didn't want me to take his picture.  Anyway.....he got the Thai Pie.  In Joe's words, "It's a Chinese food pizza!  My two favorites in one!"  It had some kind of Thai sauce, teriyaki chicken, onions, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, and I can't remember what else.  He LOVED it!

I got a build your own personal pan pizza with cheddar, mozzarella, and bacon. It was HUGE and tasted great!  I think we will probably be visiting Old Chicago again.  And of course we brought home leftovers, so we will get to enjoy it again tomorrow!


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