Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Office and a Project

For 4 years I have shared my office.  Right now I am the only one using my office, so I decided to do a little redecorating.  I love to decorate, so I am having the BEST time!

Sophie and Percie.

Behind my desk.

Shelf next to my desk with all my new pictures I got for Christmas.

Picture frame of a tree my dad took pictures of that mama gave me for Christmas.

My new curtains.

In front of my desk.

My desk.

Mama spray painted my bulletin board black for me, and I think it looks great!  I thought it needed a little color, so I decided to make some rhinestone push pins.  I bought this package of rhinestones at Hobby Lobby.

And I had these pins in my desk.....

and I hot glued the rhinestones onto the pins.

I think it adds just enough color, and it was so easy!

I love the way my office is looking.  I'm not quite finished yet!!


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