Thursday, March 20, 2014

28 Weeks and Sharing Our Story

Hello 3rd trimester!  I am 28 weeks today.  I had my 28 week baby doctor appointment yesterday!  Man time has flown by.  It was a fairly uneventful appointment.  I am so very thankful!  It just amazes me how smooth everything with this pregnancy has gone.  Now, I'm not gonna lie.  Its not been a so called easy pregnancy.  If it is a pregnancy symptom, I've had it.  :)  BUT, I am so very thankful that all of these symptoms I've had have been totally normal pregnancy stuff.

I had my 1 hour glucose test.  My doctor is pretty sure I will fail (and I am too), but I haven't heard back yet.  Next will be the 3 hour.  Yuck.  The orange stuff I had to drink wasn't horrible.  But wasn't wonderful either.  :)  And I am unbelievably picky.  Especially about what I drink.  So I was worried.  But I managed just fine.  Ha!  Not sure I will be drinking any orange drink any time soon though.

And then my favorite part...the 28 week ultrasound!  I love getting to see this little guy!  Or big guy, I guess I should say.  He is still measuring pretty large.  Normal size at this stage is 2 pounds 10 ounces.  Baby Derek is 3 pounds 5 ounces.  Whew.  No wonder I've had a little discomfort.  :)  It's just so fun to watch him move around and see what I've been feeling.  Poor guy looks so squished in there.  And poor baby has my little piggy nose.  You can see straight up his nostrils.  Ha!  The doctor keeps talking about how big his thigh bones are, so I'm guessing he is going to be built like his daddy.  And he opened both of his eyes pretty wide.  The doctor made the comment that that is not typical for this stage.  Such an overachiever already.  Ha!  It sure was cool to watch!  He yawned quite a few times.  And was wiggling quite a bit more than normal thanks to the sugary orange drink.  Our doctor was trying to get a good 3D picture for us and that sweet baby kicked the ultrasound wand and messed up the picture.  Ha!  I don't think he liked being poked on.  

I totally meant to take a belly picture yesterday and I forgot again!  So, I'm so sorry I don't have any pictures to share again.  No one really wants to see my big belly anyway.  :)

I have had more than one person ask me about our journey to become parents.  I would LOVE to share.  To be honest, I have never really had that desire before.  But I do now.  And to be really honest being 34 years old, 28 weeks pregnant, while chasing a 6, 3, and 2 year old is totally kicking my butt!!  Hahaha!  I'm not complaining.  At all. I am very thankful.  Just being honest.  It makes me tired just thinking about putting our story in writing.  And we are talking it was an 8 year journey.  It's a little overwhelming to know where to start.  But, I'm going to.  Someday.  Hopefully sooner than later.  If you have any questions, I don't mind answering them at all!  If you are struggling with infertility, I'd love to encourage you.  If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, I'd love to share what we learned!  If you are thinking about adopting, I am definitely no expert, but I will help anyway I can.  If you are just curious, I'm good with that, too.  :) 

We are SO very thankful for a healthy Baby Hooker #4!  And I am ready to share our journey to become parents.  One day.  :)  I'm pretty sure life with a newborn/4 kids isn't going to give me more energy.  Ha!  But I'll make time.  If our story gives one person hope, its worth it.  


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Big Reveal

Yesterday we went to the doctor for the big ultrasound.  Mama, Joe, Daniel, David, Mary Blanche and I all went.  Man, I remember why I try not to take them to my appointments!  Ha!  They actually did a lot better than I thought they would.  

Outside the doctor's office before we went in.  Not the best family picture, but its the best we could get.  Ha!
Waiting for the doctor!
This girl was such a mess.  As always. During the ultrasound she kept walking back and forth between me and the ultrasound screen pointing at my belly and saying baby and pointing at the screen and saying baby.  (she has been pulling my shirt out all morning and looking down and asking for "baby??"  Ha!  She just doesn't quite get it. But, she understands a lot more then I thought she would.
This is after the doctor told us that IT'S A BOY!!  Daniel was so very excited!  He really wanted another baby brother.  And he loved watching the screen.  He listened to everything the doctor said.  Every time you ask David if he wants a baby sister or brother he says,  "Sissy is the baby and she is a girl!"  He is having a hard time admitting that there is going to be another baby!  Ha!  I think this is his way of saying that Sissy is enough.  He doesn't need another one.  He cracks me up!

Baby Boy's name Is Joseph Derek Hooker.  We are going to call him Derek.  Had to have another D name.  Baby Brother can't be left out!  Joseph is Joe's first name.  Derek is Joe's 1st cousin and Best friend's name.  We are excited to have Baby Derek!

And now for the Gender Reveal pictures.  :)  I was up late Sunday night trying to figure out what in the world we were going to do to let everyone know if this sweet baby is a baby sister or a baby brother.  I am usually much more prepared for these things, but I was having a hard time making up my mind.  I didn't even know what the kiddos were going to wear!  So not like me.  I shopped in their closets Monday morning and was happy with what I came up with.  Thankfully!  I ended up putting 2 or 3 ideas together for the picture and this is what I came up with.

The story behind the picture:  
We decided to take pictures the morning of my appointment.  My appointment wasn't until 3 pm.  And I knew the likelihood of getting good pictures after we got home was not good.  It was a beautiful morning, so I got them ready and Joe did the picture taking.  He is much better at that than I am.  
 Miss Priss primping before we took pictures.  She loves to brush her hair!
Daniel is not a big fan of hair spray, but he loves his hair "spicey!"  Ha!

Okay, I know that most of you think I pinched this sweet girl to make her cry.  :)  When actually this was just a very convenient time for her to throw a 2 year old fit.  Ha!  I tried getting her to hold the chalk board where I had written BOY, but she kept turning it so you couldn't read it.  
 This was the best we could get.  But, the chalk board has a ribbon at the top.  As much as she loves necklaces, I just knew she would love wearing the chalk board.  

Boy was I wrong!!  Ha!  But being the mean mama I am, I thought it would be hilarious to have her crying in the pictures.  So instead of taking the sign off her and consoling her I told Joe to keep taking pictures.  The more pictures, the madder she got!  Poor baby girl.  

Memama trying to make this mess of a girl happy again.  We took the girl pictures next and she got her balloons back and that helped.  But it was so close to nap and lunch time that not a lot made her happy.  
These boys did some great picture taking though!

The girl pictures turned out pretty cute, too.  But nothing was as good as Mary Blanche screaming in the Boy pictures! 

We are all very thankful and excited about Baby Derek!  We are also very thankful that the ultrasound went great!  I was 19 weeks 4 days and the doctor couldn't get a good look at his brain and heart.  He is not concerned about anything, Baby Derek just isn't quite big enough for him to see yet.  He has to be 20 weeks.  So, we go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound.  I am definitely not complaining.  :)  But everything he could see looked great and he said he has no concerns.  We are most thankful for that!!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mary Blanche's Sweet and Sassy 2nd

We finally had a party to celebrate our girl's 2nd birthday Sunday.  Her birthday is actually December 21st, but we have an anniversary (this year was 10 years), 2 kids birthdays, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day all in 5 days.  So, we try to split up the fun so each kiddo feels special.

When thinking about her party this year I knew she would have the most fun at something girly and fun!  For once I did not turn to pinterest for her party theme!  :)  It is an original.  There are great and not so great things about that.  I contacted a seller on etsy that had an invitation that would almost work and asked her is she could add some things to it, and this is what she came up with.  I love it!  Only problem was I had them printed at walmart.  They were supposed to be in the mail no later than January 2nd.  I got them the 7th.  Oh well.  Thank goodness for texting.  Everyone had a heads up.

All of the sweet was on this table!  (And all of the little girls enjoying each other!)  We had cupcakes, zebra cakes, m&ms, skittles, kisses, hugs, starbursts, and ring pops.  :)
I have so many great friends with sweet little girls that I decided to have a girls only party this year.  It was a blast!  The best part was watching all of the girls play together!
This is Mary Blanche's "Happy Birthday to me" as she says.  :)
She is really into dress up right now.  So she LOVED getting to dress up at her party!  
I am so so thankful that MB has so many such sweet friends!
Everyone had fun in the photo booth!
Looks like everyone is trying to blow her candle out for her, but she did it all by herself!
Such a big girl!
Girl loves cupcakes!
I think they all enjoyed their cupcakes.  :)
Everyone knows my girl so good!  She got tons of dress up clothes and princess dolls.  She is still in heaven today!  We have played baby and dress up all day!
My favorite picture of the birthday girl.  ha!  
Thank you so much to everyone who made her party special!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Daniel's 6th Birthday Party

Daniel's 6th birthday party was today at a local hotel meeting room and indoor pool.  It was a fishing theme and we had a great time!  It was supposed to be last Saturday, but Winter Storm Cleon messed that up.  :(  Not as many of his friends were able to come this week.  It is just such a busy time of year.  But, he had a wonderful day!!
This was the party favor table.  The kids got their own tackle box to fill up with "bait."  (Gummy worms and Swedish fish)  :)
We had a "reely" good time!
Why did this mama get blue cupcakes!?!  :)
Goldfish bar and drinks.

My swimming pictures are a little fuzzy.  It was very warm in the room with the pool and my lens kept fogging over.
Oh this girl.  MB had the time of her life!  She got in and out of the hot tub and pool all by herself.  No fear girl.  She is a fish!
We are so glad Bella came!
David had a blast, too!
This poor Daddy is worn out from chasing this girl in the pool!  :)
We are so glad Mrs. Nancye came!
Can't believe this kiddo is going to be 6!!
A little embarrassed about being sung to.  :)
She is still blue. 
So excited!  Thanks Mrs. Eva!
Daniel's sweet friends.  He loves these girls!
So excited!
Trying to get to another cupcake. 
Daniel had a great time!  Thanks to everyone who was able to come!