Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poor Percie!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Tuesday when we went to Jonesboro for Dannie's birthday, Joe and I noticed Percie licking her foot which she never does.  When we got to Jonesboro we looked at it, and she had torn her toe nail AGAIN!  She keeps tearing the same toe nail and it bleeds and I think it hurts her pretty bad. 
(She and Molly have been digging in mama's backyard.  We think they are after a mole.) 
So, I called our vet (who I absolutely love!) and he said to bring her in and let him look at it.  He told us that he probably needed to sedate her and totally remove it so it would grow back right. 

Percie also has a growth on the back of her neck right where her collar rubs.  The vet did not want to sedate her just to remove it because it was not bothering her, but since he was sedating her to remove her toe nail he removed that growth, also.

Poor Percie not feeling too good!

With her purple cast on her foot.
(This makes her 3rd surgery in a year!  That is a lot on a little dog!)

She only took her pain medicine for 2 days.  Now she doesn't have her cast and really wants to play.  Last time she had surgery, she pulled her stitches out so we are having to be really careful and not let her do too much.  Which if you know Percie is really hard!  She really wants to play in the back yard with Molly!  She can have her stitches out Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday this week.  I'm hoping Wednesday so she can play again!

I'm so glad Percie is doing so good after surgery!


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