Thursday, March 20, 2014

28 Weeks and Sharing Our Story

Hello 3rd trimester!  I am 28 weeks today.  I had my 28 week baby doctor appointment yesterday!  Man time has flown by.  It was a fairly uneventful appointment.  I am so very thankful!  It just amazes me how smooth everything with this pregnancy has gone.  Now, I'm not gonna lie.  Its not been a so called easy pregnancy.  If it is a pregnancy symptom, I've had it.  :)  BUT, I am so very thankful that all of these symptoms I've had have been totally normal pregnancy stuff.

I had my 1 hour glucose test.  My doctor is pretty sure I will fail (and I am too), but I haven't heard back yet.  Next will be the 3 hour.  Yuck.  The orange stuff I had to drink wasn't horrible.  But wasn't wonderful either.  :)  And I am unbelievably picky.  Especially about what I drink.  So I was worried.  But I managed just fine.  Ha!  Not sure I will be drinking any orange drink any time soon though.

And then my favorite part...the 28 week ultrasound!  I love getting to see this little guy!  Or big guy, I guess I should say.  He is still measuring pretty large.  Normal size at this stage is 2 pounds 10 ounces.  Baby Derek is 3 pounds 5 ounces.  Whew.  No wonder I've had a little discomfort.  :)  It's just so fun to watch him move around and see what I've been feeling.  Poor guy looks so squished in there.  And poor baby has my little piggy nose.  You can see straight up his nostrils.  Ha!  The doctor keeps talking about how big his thigh bones are, so I'm guessing he is going to be built like his daddy.  And he opened both of his eyes pretty wide.  The doctor made the comment that that is not typical for this stage.  Such an overachiever already.  Ha!  It sure was cool to watch!  He yawned quite a few times.  And was wiggling quite a bit more than normal thanks to the sugary orange drink.  Our doctor was trying to get a good 3D picture for us and that sweet baby kicked the ultrasound wand and messed up the picture.  Ha!  I don't think he liked being poked on.  

I totally meant to take a belly picture yesterday and I forgot again!  So, I'm so sorry I don't have any pictures to share again.  No one really wants to see my big belly anyway.  :)

I have had more than one person ask me about our journey to become parents.  I would LOVE to share.  To be honest, I have never really had that desire before.  But I do now.  And to be really honest being 34 years old, 28 weeks pregnant, while chasing a 6, 3, and 2 year old is totally kicking my butt!!  Hahaha!  I'm not complaining.  At all. I am very thankful.  Just being honest.  It makes me tired just thinking about putting our story in writing.  And we are talking it was an 8 year journey.  It's a little overwhelming to know where to start.  But, I'm going to.  Someday.  Hopefully sooner than later.  If you have any questions, I don't mind answering them at all!  If you are struggling with infertility, I'd love to encourage you.  If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent, I'd love to share what we learned!  If you are thinking about adopting, I am definitely no expert, but I will help anyway I can.  If you are just curious, I'm good with that, too.  :) 

We are SO very thankful for a healthy Baby Hooker #4!  And I am ready to share our journey to become parents.  One day.  :)  I'm pretty sure life with a newborn/4 kids isn't going to give me more energy.  Ha!  But I'll make time.  If our story gives one person hope, its worth it.