Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The New Place in iPhone Pics

I can't wait to share these pics with you guys!  We have known for over a year that we were going to get to move into this new place.  So, I have been planning and shopping all that time!  My husband's boss was totally awesome and let me have a say so in the paint colors, counter tops, cabinets, and flooring.  Of course I was picking within limits, but still I think that was THE best to get to help create our new home!  It definitely feels much more like home!  Joe and I still had all of our college furniture that we just combined when we got married.  (Seriously all of the new furniture and wall art could have never helped our last apartment look awesome, so we chose to spend our money in other areas.)  But, since we had the opportunity to have this awesome new place, I wanted to help it look as great as it possibly could.  And it really was great that we had so long to plan, shop, and save!  I have to brag that I have not paid full price for one thing in our new place!  I am seriously so proud!  I shopped sales and watched certain pieces and waited to purchased specific things.  And I loved every minute of it!  Okay, I'll hush and let you see the pics.  Oh, and I hate it that all of these are iPhone pics, but I cannot find the cord to my camera!  Ugh.  Moving = losing things.....ugh.
Welcome to the new place!
The view of the kitchen from the living room.  I LOVE that it is all open.
Living Room
Living Room.  Percie had to join in the pic!  ha
Living Room.  This is our door to outside.  Our door that goes out into the dorm is in the kitchen.  Percie hopped into the pic again!  Ha!
Living room again.
Living Room Again.
  (This recliner was the only thing Joe requested for the apartment!  Ha!)
The view of the living room from the kitchen.
My awesome new fridge!  I didn't pick it out, but I LOVE it!
Kitchen.  Can I tell you how excited I am to have a dish washer and a garbage disposal!?!
The Hallway from the Kitchen/Lining Room to our Master.  The bathroom is on the right, the 1st bedroom is on the left, and our master is straight ahead.
Joe's side of the 1st bedroom.  Joe has his computer desk, TV, and stuff in here.  I also have all of my crafty stuff and my computer in here.  It is wonderful not to have all of my ribbon and tulle all over our living room!  This way if people come over, I can just close this bedroom door!
My side.....without all of my crafty stuff out.
The bathroom.  
Okay, I know that blue is probably not what most people would choose for their bathroom, but I love it!  It is actually more turquoise than it looks in this pic.
 Other side of the bathroom.  I just have to add that Joe and I could not both stand in our old bathroom at the same time it was so tiny.  I would like to do an experiment some time and see just how many people will fit in this bathroom!  Ha!  My guess is 20.  No lie.  I LOVE it!
Our Master.
I am very pleased with our new bedroom furniture!
Our Master Again.
We have a very large walk-in closet.  I did not photograph it because it is not photograph ready!  Ha!  When I get it all organized, I will share.  It is currently still a work in progress.
Joe, Percie, and I the day of the ribbon cutting/open house.  
I hope you guys enjoyed your (very long) tour!


Monday, August 29, 2011

July 2011 Continued

So much happened in July, I couldn't fit it all in one post!

The Week that Christy, Corbin, and Carson came to visit my car died.  It hadn't been running very good for a while, and I had already started looking.  Well,
this is the #1 reason I should never drive Joe's truck.  Yes, that is a big scratch on the drivers side of Joe's truck.  Ugh!  I can't believe I did that!
And, this is the #2 reason I should not drive Joe's truck.  At least it was just a warning this time!  In my defense, the speedometer in Joe's truck does not work.  It says I am going 140 mph all the time.  Thankfully the nice state trooper felt sorry for me!
And this is the new ride!  I love it!  (even though I have to make the first payment this week, I don't regret our purchase one bit!)  
A few days after we got the new ride my other 2 favorite boys came to visit for a week!  Logan and Braden loved riding with the top down!
For some reason I didn't take very many pictures, but we went to Play Time Pizza, Wild River Country, to swim at Mrs. Pam's, and to the movie's to see Smurf's and Captain America.
 We also spent 2 days at Greers Ferry Lake out on the boat.  It rained some, but we still had a great time!
Feeding the fish one time while we were waiting for the rain to clear.
And in between, the lake, Wild River Country, Play Time Pizza, swimming, and the movies, Joe and I moved into our new place!  LOL!  Oh, and did I mention I worked 4 days that week. 
This is Percie sleeping on the couch the first night we moved in!  LOL!

Over the last 6 years, Joe and I (with mama's help) have rescued many dogs and cats and found them homes.  Some how they just always find us.....mostly by wondering up to the dorm.  The old dorm was on the edge of campus really close to a neighborhood.  I had just told Joe our first night we stayed in our new place that we probably would not have as many animals wonder up now that we are not as close to a neighborhood.
Then Joe sent me this message our second morning at our new place.  And yes, that is our front door mat.  And yes this sweet puppy was asleep on our front door mat when he went outside first thing that morning.  Poor puppy was soaking wet, dirty, covered in fleas, hungry and thirsty!  I told Percie over and over again that morning that she didn't even know how good she had it!  I couldn't stand it.  This poor puppy was so covered in fleas that they were climbing on her eyes and nose even!  Ugh!  So I gave her a bath before I went to work and maybe got 1/3 of them off her.  She wondered up on a Thursday, which is the only day our vets office is closed.  Figures.  I called mama, and she and the boys were on flea removal duty!  Ha!  They bathed her again, used some flea spray on her, and bathed her again.  Finally no more fleas!  A friend from work who has 2 kids took her home to be their new pet!  She is the sweetest thing!  They named her Roxy.  When Sarah took her to the vet last week he said he thinks she is a collie and she will be 90-100 pounds!  Good thing they have a big backyard.

That was our awesome, busy July.  I plan to add pics of our new place, soon!


July 2011

 I only thought June was a busy month!  LOL!

We had a great 4th!
Percie in her 4th dress!
At the beginning of July, Joe went on a trip to Houston, Texas with work. Mama and I packed our whole apartment and got everything ready for the "Biggest garage Sale Ever" while he was gone.  We lived in the same very small apartment for 6 years.  I still can't believe we accumulated so much stuff!!

After Joe got back we started taking all of our things to my friend Michelle's house in Searcy for the garage sale.
We stopped at Froyo in Searcy one night after making many trips with stuff to cool off!  Did I mention it was the hottest summer on record???

In the middle of all of the garage sale planning and moving planning Percie got very sick.  So, we spent more time at Beebe Veterinary Hospital!  Poor Percie!
In our new place, we have a microwave stove hood, so we had no need for our old microwave.  For some reason I could not remember to take our old one to Michelle's house for the garage sale!  I guess when something has been in the same place for 6 years you just get used to it being there.  Anyway, Joe made me this sign so I would not forget the microwave the day of the big garage sale!  Ha!  He makes me laugh!
Percie and I still went on lots of walks even though it was HOT!
And, 2 of my favorite boys and their mom came to visit!  This is Carson in the "good poo."  Carson's Grandmom has a very nice in ground pool.  Carson is not a fan of grandmom's pool.  He really only enjoys playing on the top step.  But he loved my kiddie pool!  Ha!  You never know with kids, right!?!  When he got out of the kiddie pool, he patted the side and said, "this a good poo, mom."  I love him!
I'm pretty sure his brother, Corbin, had a good time, too!  He is so funny!  I miss these boys so much!
One morning the boys were playing and I looked over and saw this!  LOL!  The things that entertain kids!  Both of them were very happy in the dog crate??
 I have to share another funny Carson story.  It is just too cute and I don't want to forget it.  Carson has a monkey that he likes a lot, and he talks about monkeys a lot.  I love to hear him say monkey because instead of monkey, he calls them gunkeys!!  LOL!  I love it!  I asked him if he was my monkey, and with a huge smile he said "Your gunkey??? I your gunkey!"
We had a great visit with Christy, Corbin, and Carson. I can't wait to go to Oregon to visit them!

I should also add that before Christy and the boys came to visit, we were supposed to be moved into our new place.  Needless to say, it didn't happen.  We lived for 3 weeks with our whole place packed, no living room furniture, no dresser, etc.  It was an interesting time.  (Especially because I have a very hard time with everything not being in its place!  I tried very hard not to stress too much!)
This post is getting pretty lengthy, so I will continue July later.


Turtle Feathers Summer 11

Mama and I continued creating new stuff throughout the summer.  Enjoy the pics!
It was a fun summer for Turtle Feathers!


Tornado May 2011

I don't know how I could forget to include this event in my catch up blogs.  We had a horrible tornado in May blow through the ASU Beebe Campus.  One of my mom's cats had died, so I went to her house so she would not be alone.  When I walked out the door to leave for my mom's the tornado sirens were going off.  Joe called the police department and they said that the city had sounded them way too early and that I should be fine driving.  It takes between 5-10 minutes to get to my mom's, depending on traffic.  That was the longest 10 minutes!  It was just weird looking outside.  I hadn't been at my mom's long when the sirens started going off again.  

Her master closet is a safe room, so we headed there with all of the animals.  Joe had to stay at the dorm because there were still students there.  Their finals were supposed to begin the next day.  School was supposed to be out in one week.  Notice I said supposed to.

My mom and I could hear the tornado go over her house.  A few minutes after the all clear I got a call from Joe.  He and all of the students were fine, but the campus was a wreck.  Thankfully, mama's house had no damage at all!  She just lost power for 5 hours or so.  Here are some pictures of the campus.
Some of the John Deere Mechanic students helping to clean up the damage.
The reason the campus was without electricity for about a week!
This is the campus police chief, JJ, in front of one of the fallen trees.  (And JJ is not a small man!)

It was an absolutely crazy time!  I missed a few days of work because I could not get out off Beebe because of all of the down trees and power lines.  It was a miracle that no one was hurt!  The campus was without electricity for a week.  So, needless to say they had to cancel finals.  They even had to push back graduation for a week.  I felt horrible for all of the students.  

When walking around campus now, it is still weird to see all of the trees that are missing!


June 2011

I am determined to be caught up on the blog by September 1st so I can begin again with my weekly updates!

June was another great but busy month!

Percie had a great time in her swimming pool!
And I had fun in mine!  LOL!  I grew up with a swimming pool in my backyard and it has spoiled me for life!  Relaxing in the water is my most favorite activity.  So, I bought this $20 kiddie pool that is the perfect size for me to lay on my float.  It lasted all summer!  Ha!
This is Bella!  I just love this kid!  Isn't she cute!?!
In June, Natalie, Bella, and I met Annslie, Carie, and Kayt in Conway to meet Miss Kennedy for the first time!
Me meeting Kennedy for the first time!  Isn't she precious!?!
L to R:  Rae, Carie, Kennedy, Natalie, Bella, Annslie, and Kayt.
We had a great time eating at Mike's Place and just getting to see each other!
In June, Mama and I also traveled to Warren to spend the weekend with Annslie and Mama Ann and have a booth at the Pink Tomato Festival.  It was HOT!  And I just had to include this pic of Anns!  Ha!
Here is a pic of our booth.  Did I mention it was HOT??
Here is a pic of Percie taking a Sunday afternoon nap!  I love this dog!!
In June, I also had fun making this daisy wreath for Mama's front door!
Percie and I enjoyed lots of walks in June!  Usually we walked much later in the evening because it was SO stinkin' HOT!
In June, we also celebrated our nephew's 4th birthday!  I can't believe Jordan is already 4.  Where has the time gone???

Like I said, we had a great but busy June!