Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

I headed to Trumann on Wednesday, December 23, 2009, with Percie, Sophie, Oliver, and Molly.  I had a full car!  Percie rode in the front seat, Molly rode in her crate in the back seat next to Sophie and Oliver's crate.  It is a good thing Joe went a few days early in his truck.......because there was no more room! 

Percie was happy to see her poppy.  She is wearing the Christmas dress that her grandmama made her.

Percie in her Christmas dress.

Sophie and Ollie in their crate.

Molly in her Christmas dress that her mama made her.

Rylee and Jordan in front of Nanny and Poppy's Christmas tree.

We opened presents with Joe's immediate family on Christmas Eve Eve.
Poppy opening a present.

Roy with his new drill.

Nanny with her new crock pot (and Max in her lap).

Rylee and Jordan with their new scooters.

Rylee feeding her Baby Alive.  She was very specific when she told me what she wanted for Christmas.  She was so excited when she opened this baby.  Funny story:  Rylee had no idea that Baby Alive poops and pees when you feed her!  I wish I had a picture of the look of discust on her face when I told her!  I thought that was why she wanted Baby Alive, but she just liked the baby.  She is so funny!  She fed the baby and changed her diaper once, then she was done with that!  She named her baby Matiya (ma-ty-ya).  It was so hard not to laugh.  Where does she come up with this stuff?

Jordan loved his big truck.  He carried the box around (which was just as big as him) forever wanting to open it.   I'm so glad he liked it!

Percie's Nanny and Poppy got her a doggie snuggie for Christmas!

She loves it, and so does her mama!

Her Aunt Malinda and Uncle Roy got her this cute pink and brown jacket.

The Condras. 
Notice Jordan's scooter, Matiya, and Oreo made the picture!

Nanny, Poppy, Angel, and Max.

Joe, Me, Sophie, and Percie.

Funny story behind this picture:  Malinda bought the cranberry scented hand soap and hand lotion from Bath and Body works for Charlotte and I for Christmas.  And I bought her the same thing!  We all got cranberry soap and lotion.  Great minds think alike!

Rylee and I eating our cheese balls.

Oreo and Molly had a great time playing.  I thought Percie would be right in the middle of them, but I think she was happy that Molly had someone else to play with.  Percie sat with her daddy and slept while they played!

Oreo, Molly, and Percie in their matching dresses all sewn by Molly's mama.
Percie was saying, "Get them off of me!"

Aren't the dresses cute!?!

Molly was SO tired when Oreo went home.  She did not move!

Max was so ready for us to leave and take all of the animals with us!

We had a great Christmas Eve Eve!


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