Friday, July 31, 2009


Percie got a very good report at the vet today! Mama took her to the vet's office for us today. Thanks mama!

She has only been on the medicine for 7 days, and when they checked her blood count, everything came back IN THE NORMAL RANGE! Her red blood cell count, white blood cell count, and her platelets are normal.

She has 7 more days of the medicine just in case. We take her back next Saturday to have her thyroid level checked because the vet thinks her thyroid level might be off. I think I am going to request that they check her blood count again, just to make sure. We thought she was better before, and she proved us wrong. I just want to make double sure this time!

She is acting great! She is playing all the time, running like crazy, and eating us out of house and home. We have had to limit how much dog food she gets. I hope it is the medicine making her so hungry!

Yeah for Percie doing better!


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