Thursday, July 9, 2009

No Blood Transmission for Percie

Yes, you read that right! Logan and Braden have been so worried about Percie, and they have been asking a lot of questions. Yesterday Logan asked me, "If Percie doesn't have to have a blood transmission tomorrow, can we go to the lake?" Too cute. I didn't even correct him. I just said sure.

Percie got a much better report at the vet's office today. They did blood work again and her white blood cell count was down! Yeah! The vet thinks we have the infection under control. We are just supposed to give her the antibiotic until it is gone. Her anemia was also much better. We are still supposed to give her the iron and her vitamin until they are gone. Her platelets had almost doubled in 3 days! The vet said we do not have to redo the blood work, because her numbers are enough better. Percie just has to go back next Friday and have her stitches out. (I'm ready for her to get her stitches out because she really needs a bath. She normally gets a bath every week.) The vet also said to let her do as much running and playing as she wants to! I'm so glad we can play again!!

Okay, so my pictures will not download. I'm not sure what is wrong, but I will add them later.

The boys ate lunch and took a nap today before we went to Greers Ferry Lake. There is a really funny picture of what Braden's hair looked like when he woke up. It took a lot of brushing and water to get it to lay down!

Okay, so maybe it didn't lay down all the way. I promise this is better! Here is Braden on the boat when Joe was backing it into the water.

Here is Logan wearing Joe's Arkansas State hat. He has decided he "likes Arkansas State, just not Arkansas."

It was HOT, so we decided to stop and go swimming first. The water felt great!

Then the boys decided to do a little fishing. They didn't catch anything, but they had a good time trying.

Isn't the lake pretty?! After the boys gave upon fishing, we ate some supper and swam some more. After everyone got back in the boat we decided to drive around the lake a little. It is such a gorgeous lake. I really wish we could have just stayed and that I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow! I wish Percie could have gone with us, too. She loves riding on the boat. But it was so hot, and she can't get in the lake to cool off because of her stitches. Maybe she can go next time!

I'm so glad we got to take Logan and Braden to the lake. We had a great day, and I can't wait to go back!

I am also so thankful that Percie is doing better!


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