Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Saturday with all the Hookers

Saturday morning we left for Trumann. Percie came with us, of course. She loves going to her nanny and poppy's house. Here is Percie with her doggie mama, Angel. She was laying right next to her until she saw me coming to take their picture and she moved. Percie loves her doggie mama! Here is Percie's doggie grandpa, Max. Percie and Max are big buddies. They love to get in the kiddie swimming pool in nanny and poppy's backyard and come inside soaking wet!

Joe's dad has 6 brothers and sisters. Three of them live in Trumann, and 3 of them live out of state. The 3 from out of state and some of their children and grandchildren came to visit, so everyone got together at the church's fellowship hall.Here is Joe's dad and his brothers and sisters. They are a great looking bunch!
Percie came with us, and she had a great time! She loved playing with all of the kids!

Here is our table at dinner. We sat with Uncle Donald, Aunt Carnell, Tara, and Tony while we ate our yummy Mexican food. It was great!

Rylee, Owen, and Jordan playing outside.Rylee and Jordan were so glad to have some other little kids to play with. When the Trumann crew gets together, they are the only little ones!Rebecca, Katelyn, and Percie.

Brandi, Megan, and Blaine. It is so hard to get 3 year-olds to smile for the camera!

Blaine was saying he was "scared", and shaking all over while he said it. This is one of many of Blaine's cute sayings! He is so cute!

Owen, Megan, and Rylee. These kids like to wrestle!

Percie was so tired that she fell asleep in my lap in the middle of everything. She was even snoring!!

Brandi, Megan, Joe, Tony, Tara, Malinda, Roy and I ended the night playing Phase 10 at nanny and poppy's house. It was lots of fun. Joe won, of course. Percie was so tired that she went to bed without us!

We had a great Saturday!


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