Sunday, July 26, 2009

Guess Where We Spent Saturday Morning....

If you guessed the vet's office you are correct. Friday afternoon at about 5:15 p.m. Joe noticed what looked like some sort of bruise or blood blister next to Percie's incision on her belly. We were supposed to watch for further bruising, but I wasn't sure if I had just not noticed it or if it was a new place. So I tried calling the vet's office, but of course they close at 5. I waited until 6 when the emergency vet's office in N. Little Rock opened and called them. I was constantly looking at Percie's belly in that 45 minutes to see if the spot changed at all. It didn't. The tech said that we could bring her in and the vet could look at it, or we could watch it and take her to our vet in the morning. She said that the same vet wasn't there so the vet that was there wouldn't give a recommendation without seeing Percie. They don't close until midnight, so we decided to watch it and if it changed we would take her in.

It did not get bigger or anything, so I called our new vet's office the next morning and they said to bring her in. (We were planning on leaving for Greers Ferry Lake at 9:00 a.m., but that did not happen.) The vet said it was a blood blister, and it did have to do with the bruising on her gums. (I thought I might be over reacting taking her to the vet again, but now I'm glad we took her.) She said that she thought the doxicyclen was the best thing for it. She said unless it gets bigger or she gets more spots not to worry about it. She told us that Percie could go out on the boat with us! Yeah!

Percie loves the boat! The vet just said make sure she doesn't get too hot. So when we stopped to swim, I put her life jacket on and put her in the water. She cannot swim, so she has to have her life jacket! She doesn't even paddle when she is in the water. Most of the time dogs paddle even if you are holding on to them. Not Percie! She just floats. (I wish I had taken a picture, but I forgot!)

Luckily for Percie it was very overcast. No sun at all. I would have enjoyed a little sun, but it was great because I didn't have to worry about Percie getting too hot.
We put the boat in at Dam Site for the first time. It was much busier than Devil's Fork, but we enjoyed it. I love how pretty that side of the lake is. The jumping cliffs (as many call them) are so pretty. We drove the boat over to Sandy Beach to watch the card board boat races.

It was supper busy. When we pulled up and Joe jumped in to tie off the anchor, we heard them announce, "This is the last race of the day." We decided to go ahead and leave so we didn't get caught up in the boat traffic.

We anchored in a cove and ate lunch and swam for a while. We also had a few visitors.
We fed this duck, and I think he told his friends because not much time passed and 4 hungry ducks swam to the boat. Of course I fed them some bread. (I sat on the bread so it was squished anyway!)

It started to rain so we had to head in. Percie did not like the rain. Here she is with her head on Jame's leg.

Magan, Natalie, James, and I (I was taking the pictures, so there are not any of me. I forget to give the camera to Joe and let him take my picture.) had a great time on the boat. Thank you to the Horton's and Guthrie's for joining us on the boat!


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