Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 1 with Logan and Braden

Grandmama picked up Logan and Braden today for them to spend a week at her house. We are so excited to have them!!

Mama's oldest dog, Holly, woke up this morning sick at her stomach and shivering. So, mama made her an appointment at the vets office. Percie also had a follow-up appointment at the vet this morning. She didn't get the best report, but seems to be doing better. Her platelet count is very low. Lower than it was on Friday when she had surgery. She has also been on iron for her anemia since Friday, and her anemia was worse today. The vet said she looks great and the way she looks does not reflect the blood work. She goes back to the vet on Thursday, and they will do blood work again. The vet told us that if she is not building up on her own, they will have to do a blood transfusion. I really hope she gets better on her own and doesn't have to go through that!!

Holly has a bacteria in her intestines that is making her very sick. She got lots of medicine, and already seems to be doing better. Since we had 2 sick doggies that did not need to be left alone, grandmama stayed at home with the dogs and Joe and I took the boys to Wild River Country!

First we made a stop at Sonic
Logan showing off his m&m blast.

Braden drinking his powerade slush and not wanting me to take his picture. (And wearing his goggles on his head, of course.)
Then we made a quick stop at my favorite store, Wal-Mart. Joe decided that the boys had the right idea wearing their goggles, and he wanted some. Logan forgot to bring shoes that could get wet, so he was wearing grandmama's black Old Navy flip flops, and it wasn't working out to good for him. So Joe and Logan found some green Wal-Mart brand crocs. Logan wanted to know why our Wal-Mart didn't have anything in LSU colors. Joe, laughing of course, explained that it would be pretty hard to find anything LSU in Arkansas!

Joe, Logan, and Braden in front of Wild River Country. Braden's got his goggles on and is ready to go.

All of the boys with their goggles on and ready to ride on some water slides. Joe reported that the goggles were great and he is glad he got them. They all rode everything at least twice. Braden and Logan were both so brave, and had a great time! Braden hung out with me in the lazy river while Joe and Logan went down more slides. Braden really enjoys swimming through the lazy river. (Braden was asking Joe why he is so hairy when I snapped this picture. Haha!)

Here is Braden at the lazy river. It was nice to have his company, and not be hanging out by myself the whole time!
Here is Braden with his blue lips. It got pretty chilly the last couple of hours we were there, but he was not ready to get out of the water. He rode water slide after water slide with his teeth chattering the whole way down!

Here are the tired boys at the end of the day. Logan and Braden wore Joe out. The life guard at one of the slides made the comment that they were wearing her out just watching them! They should all sleep good tonight.

When we got back to grandmama's house, it was time for xbox 360. Here is Joe, Molly, and Braden. (Look how sleepy Braden is!)

Here is grandmama knitting while Logan talks smack to Joe. Boys just can't play football on the xbox without talking smack. It just wouldn't be the same!

Here is Percie with her toy hot dog. I was so excited because when we got back to grandmama's house from Wild River Country, Percie brought us her toy and wanted to play! She hasn't wanted to play in a few weeks. I almost cried I was so excited! I was just telling Joe the other day how much I miss playing with her, and I couldn't wait for her to be feeling better and want to play again. We only threw the toy once, and not very far because she still needs to heal. But she walked around with it in her mouth all night!! I'm so glad she is feeling better!

We had a great time at Wild River Country, and have many more adventures scheduled for the week!!


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