Sunday, July 19, 2009

No More Stitches

Joe took Percie to the vet to have her stitches removed on Friday. Her belly looks great! I think she feels better without the stitches. First thing on the agenda when I got home from work on Friday was giving Percie a bath. She ran and played after she was dry! She loves how she feels after a bath! (I meant to get Joe to take pictures, but I forgot.) After Percie's bath, Joe, Mama, and I went to Chili's to eat. It was sooooo good!!

Then we picked Percie up and headed to N. Little Rock to Petco and Petsmart. Percie loves going shopping! (She's her mama's girl!) She picked out a new squeaky turtle. Her old squeaky turtle needs to be retired! She likes riding in the buggy.
Percie and her daddy at Petco. Joe got a summer haircut and shaved his face! I love it!!

Percie loves the treats from Petco, but she is picky about which ones she wants. We let her sniff and try a few, and these are her current favorite.

Aren't these puppies cute?! Someone found them at a gas station in a box and brought them to Petco. I can't believe someone would leave these puppies at a gas station! They are going to find them happy homes.

Speaking of puppies, there was a 7 month-old Boston Terrier puppy at Petco with her mommy. Her name is Libby, and she is so cute! She loved Percie, but Percie did not return the love. I'm beginning to think my dog is a snob!

We made a quick trip to Petsmart because they were about to close. They have a cat room with cats that are up for adoption. They had the sweatest orange and white kitten that I wanted!

Percie loves her new turtle! Doesn't she look cute in her dress?! (She closed her eyes in anticipation of the flash. You would think I take her picture a lot. Ha!)

Joe, Mama, and I had a great dinner at Chili's and a fun time at Petco and Petsmart!


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