Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mt. View, Blanchard Springs, and New China Buffet

Before I tell you about our day, I have to share what I saw as I was walking out the door this morning. Is this not hilarious! They are both sound asleep. The flash didn't even wake them up! Do you think she is a little spoiled? This is how she sleeps most of the time. I go to bed before Joe, so she cuddles with me at night. I get up before Joe, so she cuddles with him in the morning. Spoiled rotten!
I work in Mt. View every Wednesday which is kinda funny because I used to visit there when we were camping at the Buffalo River when I was a kid. I've always loved Mt. View! I've grown to love it even more after working there for the last 4 years.
Today grandmama, Logan, Braden and I headed to Mt. View. (Joe stayed at home to take care of the sick doggies. Holly and Percie are better!) The trip there was interesting. The boys were a little excited! I should have known better when Logan asked if he could tell a story instead of just telling it. It went a little something like this: One time guy number one went to a hotel and asked for a suite. The hotel manager said we have one but it is haunted. The guy said I'm not scared. He went up stairs and opened the door and heard "I've got cha where I want cha and now I'm gunna eat cha!" Guy number one jumps out the window. So guy number 2, 3, and 4 do the same thing. (But of course we had to hear "I've got cha where I want cha and now I'm gunna eat cha 4 times!) Then Guy number 5 goes up to the same suite and turns on the light and there is a money sitting on the bed with a booger on his finger. The monkey is saying to the booger, "I've got cha where I want cha and now I'm gunna eat cha!" Hahaha! What is so funny about this story is my sister (yes, Logan's mother) used to tell me the same story. When I asked him where he heard it he said his friends. He thought it was funny that Jeannie used to tell me that story! Then Braden told about 300 hundred different versions he made up of people saying, "I've got cha where I want cha and now I'm gunna eat cha"! They are so funny!
Logan and Braden hung out with grandmama while I worked this morning. I went to lunch with them at Woods Soda Fountain. I love the soda fountain! Braden and Logan both got grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk shakes. Grandmama had a chicken salad sandwich and I had a bar-b-que pork sandwich. Everyone enjoyed their lunch!
I took off work early today so we could go to Blanchard Springs Caverns. I love the caves!

We went on the Drip stone tour. It lasts about an hour. The boys loved it and learned a lot!

This is the best picture I got of the inside of the cave. My point and click camera didn't do so great!
Braden and Logan having fun in the cave. They loved looking at the piles of bat poop! Logan and I actually saw a bat. Grandmama and Braden missed it. It flew over us!
The boys playing with the hats in the gift shop. (Don't worry, that is just a little chocolate milk shake on Logan's shirt. He is related to me!)

After to tour of the cave, we went to see the spring. The boys loved wading in the cold water!

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but that is Logan's wet back from where he fell in the spring. I told you he is related to me!

This is the spring. Isn't it pretty?!

Here we are leaving the spring.
This is what we saw most of the way home. Tired, tired boys. (Mean Aunt Rae made them go to bed at 8;30 tonight so they will be rested and ready for tomorrow!)

On our way home today we stopped in Searcy and met Joe at the New China Buffet. The boys looked forward to eating Chinese food with Joe all day. Grandmama and I are not a fan of Chinese, so we went to Docs. Docs is great! Logan even tried sushi. He wasn't a fan, but at least he tried it!

After eating we headed back to grandmama's house for ...Guess what... xbox time. After a few minutes of xbox it was time for showers and bed.

Percie has a vet appointment at 10:45 in the morning. Pray for a good report!


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