Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Percie Ate Dry Dog Food!!!!

That's right folks....Percie ate dry dog food. This is the first time she has eaten dry dog food voluntarily since about two weeks before she had the c section. Before she had surgery, I had to sit on the floor and hand feed her dog food out of her bowl to get her to eat. Sometimes she would even refuse me hand feeding her.
We were eating supper at mama's house Monday night, and Percie walked right over to Holly's (mama's dog) bowl and ate every bite of food that was in the bowl. Yeah....we don't have to feed her that wet (nasty) food anymore!
So when we got home that night, I made sure her doggie bowel was full of food and water. She did not touch the food. We went back to mama's house on Tuesday, and she went right over to Holly's bowel and chowed down. I guess she only wants Holly's food, even though she has exactly the same food in her bowel. I have to admit, I'm just glad she is eating dry dog food again. I'll take her to mama's everyday if I have to!!
Percie gets her stitches out on Friday. I'm so ready!! (She needs a bath!!)

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