Monday, August 3, 2009

Wonderful Weekend

Friday night Joe was out of town, so mama and I had a fun night planned. We ate Road Hog Bar-b-que, and drove to Cabot to see her friend's new house. We didn't get to go in because they haven't closed on it yet, but we did a drive by and the house is great! I love the neighborhood!Then we stopped at Movie Gallery and rented Confessions of a Shopaholic. It was a cute movie!

Saturday morning I traveled to Hot Springs to see some of my college sorority sisters. Go DZ! We went to the Buckstaff Bath House for some pampering. For some reason they didn't write down my name in the appointment book, so Stephanie and Beth were nice enough to hang out with me while the other girls were pampered! (The other girls were upstairs already and had no idea I didn't have an appointment.)
Beth, Stephanie, and I toured the Fordyce Bath House. These girls make me laugh! It was so humid, and not the best weather, but we had a great time!
Here we all are in front of the Buckstaff Bath House. L to R: Me, Beth, Jenna, Kelly, April, Stephanie, and Hayley. I was taking the picture, and this nice couple walked by and offered to take it for me.

Here we are hanging out in Stephanie's kitchen. Stephanie and Jenna made some yummy food, and April made yummy blueberry martinis.

April and Kelly enjoying the blueberry martinis.
Hayley had to head home early, so there were only six of us for dinner. Beth volunteered to ride in the back of Kelly's escape so we could all ride in one vehicle. I haven't hung out with Beth in a long time, but let me tell you girls...she is still the same Beth! She made us laugh until we cried many times! Thanks for always making us laugh, Beth!

We ate dinner at Picantes Grill in down town Hot Springs. The Mexican food was great! (Of course they got my nachos wrong, and they had to re-do them. It was just my day for that. I had a great time anyway!)

We made a short stop at the 19th hole, then back to Stephanie's to hang out. It was a great day! ASU's homecoming this year is on October 24. Yes girls, that is DZ's Founder's Day! We must plan to get together. I hope we can have an even bigger group!

Sunday mama, Joe, Percie, and I went out on the boat at Greers Ferry Lake for the day. It was a beautiful day! I tried to take pictures, but my camera kept saying "read error". It has said that before and the only thing that fixes it is deleting all of the pictures. I hadn't downloaded the pictures from Saturday yet, so I didn't want to do that. The camera is fixed now.

Here is Percie Sunday night after we got home from the lake. Percie says riding on the boat all day wears her out!

I had a great weekend! Thanks for making it so much fun!


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