Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ice Age and Larry's Pizza

We had a great day with Logan and Braden. Joe and I slept in a little this morning then headed to grandmama's house for Joe to play xbox with the boys.

Logan, Braden, Joe, Molly, and Percie all in the recliner! I don't know who enjoys the xbox time more, Joe or the boys. Oh, and Joe probably wouldn't want me to tell you this, but Braden beat him at football! Joe was in shock!

After the football game, we headed to Cabot to watch Ice Age. It was such a cute movie, but I forgot to take a picture!
After the movie, we went to buffet night at our favorite pizza place, Larry's Pizza. If you haven't eaten at Larry's you should definitely try it. They have buffet on Tuesday and Friday nights. What's so great about their buffet is that the waitresses walk around with the different specialty pizzas and bring them to your table. Joe loves their specialty pizzas. They have every kind of pizza you could imagine!
Don't ask me what they were doing in this picture. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get these three boys to smile and all look at the camera at the same time.
Logan enjoyed the buffalo chicken pizza and the baked potato pizza the most! (Baked potato is my favorite!)
Braden liked the cheese pizza and the cinnamon sticks the best!

They also have a little arcade in Larry's which thew boys really enjoyed!

I don't know why he is making this crazy face, but Joe is holding all of the tickets that this nice lady who was playing in the arcade gave Logan and Braden. They were so excited, because you know it is all about winning the tickets!

Here are the boys with all of their tickets! Luckily they had a ticket counting machine!

Then it was the deciding time. Trying to pick out what you want to trade your tickets in for is tough! Logan wanted everything in purple and gold. He explained to the girl behind the counter that those were LSU's colors. She explained to him that he was in Arkansas and better not say that too loud. She kept picking on him, and he picked right back at her. He is so funny!

There was also a guys singing and playing the guitar. He was great! I love live music. You can see him on the right in this picture.

Then we went back to our apartment and took Percie for a walk. I tried to get a picture with Percie and the boys, but every time I stepped back to take the picture she followed me.

Percie is doing better everyday! She loves chasing squirrels, and when we went for our walk today, she really wanted to chase one but I didn't let her. I'm afraid she will mess up her stitches. But at least she was feeling good enough to chase a squirrel! We have been putting an ice pack on her belly trying to dry up her milk, and she loves it. It must feel good to her. She lays right on top of it, and will be shivering so bad I have to cover her with a blanket, but she doesn't move off of the ice pack! She still won't eat dry dog food, but she will eat the beneful meals. She really enjoyed the lamb, carrots, and peas she had today. She is great at taking her medicine as long as you put the pills in cheese.

Then we took the boys back to grandmama's house. Here is Molly sitting with grandmama and Braden. Grandmama's dog, Holly, still wasn't feeling well, so grandmama stayed at home with her tonight. She is doing some better now. Logan had a turn playing Uncle Joe at football, then it was showers and bedtime.

Braden is sleeping in what we call Jeannie's room.

Logan is sleeping in my room! Logan loves to read before he goes to bed. He would probably read all night if you let him!

I know you can't wait to read about our adventures we have tomorrow!


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