Friday, July 10, 2009

Grilling Time

I had to go back to work today. It made me sad when Joe told me that Percie was looking for me today. Last night, Logan and Braden said that all they wanted to do today was "play xbox with Joe all day." I'm sure Joe was real upset that he HAD to play xbox 360 all day!! Joe got up this morning and took Percie to grandmama's house with him. They had McDonald's for lunch, and Joe took the boys to Movie Gallery and let them pick out a game to rent. They have really enjoyed the racing game Joe has, so they picked another racing game. When I got home from work, Braden HAD to show me how he could "drive off a 50 foot mountain!" "It is so cool!" I GUESS I'm glad they had a good day WITHOUT ME!
We were all excited tonight because Joe grilled steaks, pork chops, and fresh veggies that Dannie and Charlotte brought last weekend! Grandmama cooked fresh green beans, and I microwaved augratin potatoes. Grandmama also made homemade rice crispy treats. Logan helped Joe marinate the meat, and when I got home from work Logan told me everything they put in the marinade. One of Logan's requests this week was that Joe grill, so he was excited that he got to help.

The boys sat on grandmama's back deck and watched Joe grill. (They are so tired of me taking their picture that when I ask them to smile, this is what I get. And of course Braden says, "Are you taking my picture AGAIN?)

Percie has decided she really likes Braden and Logan. This is where she sat while we were fixing supper. (Braden did ask me to take his picture with Percie. I think the boys kinda like her, too.)

I think the boys wore Percie out today. This crown is one of her toys, and Braden put it on her head. She laid really still and let him put it there. That is Braden's finger in the picture pointing to show grandmama what he did. He was laughing so hard! Braden ended up taking it off her head because she laid there forever with it up there.

Then after supper, it was back to guessed

We have had a great time with the boys this week, and I am kinda sad that they are going home tomorrow!


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