Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wild River Country

Today Joe and I took off work a little early to go to Wild River Country in N. Little Rock with Braden and Grandmama.

We stopped at the snow cone stand in Beebe on our way. Braden and I chose Strawberry and Grandmama chose watermelon.
They even had sugar free strawberry, so Joe got to enjoy a snow cone, too!

We all had red tongues after eating our yummy snow cones. I think Grandmama and Braden win reddest tongue!! Wild River Country was great! Braden thought it was "AWESOME!!" Here we are in the lazy river. Braden loved the lazy river, but didn't spend much time being lazy. He swam and played the whole way around. Braden and Joe rode all of the tube slides. Braden was not scared one bit! Grandmama even rode one tube slide with them. They had a great time! I know you can't see him in this picture, but Joe is standing at the top of this slide about to go down. This is the only one Braden wasn't tall enough to ride. Joe said it felt like he was going down a drain. Let's just say he only rode this one once. Here is Braden at the end of the slides. He rode the black on and the white one. He was a little apprehensive about the black one, but Uncle Joe encouraged him and Braden told him "alright, I'll be a man". Joe said that he was making everyone laugh at the bottom of the slide after he went down the first time because he was dancing and screaming "that was awesome"! Here is Joe at the bottom of the slide. I tried to take a picture of them going down the slide, but they were so fast this was the best I could do. I don't know who had more fun, Joe or Braden!!

Wild River Country is very hilly. To get to the top of the slides you have to climb up hills and steps. Joe said after their first trip up, Braden kept asking "Why did they make these hills so high?" I know 2 guys who are going to sleep good tonight!

Isn't this cute! Braden wanted to wear his towel just like Joe. I had to fold it in half and wrap it around him 3 times, but it worked.
I'm so glad we decided to go to Wild River Country!
Braden was so tired on the way home he was being silly to try not to fall asleep. Of course we heard "Joe, Joe, Joe" over and over. Grandmama and I got to the point that we just cracked up every time we heard Braden say "Joe". Braden hasn't slept past 6:30 a.m. yet. I wonder how late he will sleep tomorrow?

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