Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 2 in Texarkana...

Joe and I woke up this morning to this little guy tap tap tapping on our bedroom door. This is Corbin Reese Gant. His Uncle Joe got up this morning to play with him. Thanks Uncle Joe!!

Here is Corbin playing on the floor.

Here is Carson Reid Gant this morning. He is so cute. He was making all kinds of funny faces. I noticed his diaper was wet, so off we went to change it. I got a little surprise when I opened his diaper. It wasn't just wet!! That must be what all the faces were about.

Uncle Joe and Carson. Last night was Uncle Joe's first time to meet Carson.

Percie was a little jealous.

Carson's mama giving him a bottle. It's his favorite time of day!!

We decided to venture out and eat at McAlister's. Here is Joe and Corbin at McAlister's. I love going to McAlister's, but it is not Joe's favorite. I have to give him credit because he did not complain once today about going. Thanks Joe!

Christy and I in McAlister's. People kinda look at you crazy when you take pictures in McAlister's. They must not blog, or they would understand!

Carson in his super cute car seat. He slept during most of our lunch.

The new family of four outside McAlister's.Align Center

When we got ready to leave, it was nap time for Corbin.

Thanks to the Gants for letting us visit!!


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