Thursday, June 18, 2009

Percie 40 Days Pregnant

That's right......Percie is 40 days pregnant today. (Her eyes look kinda freaky in this picture!) Here is Percie's 40 day pregnant belly. She is doing great!! She gets hot very quick, and this really hot weather we've had this week is not helping. Poor baby pants all the time. The vet wanted us to put her on puppy food, and she is eating it okay. I think she would still prefer her good old Iams weight control dog food, but the puppy food is better for her. She continues to drink a lot which means she frequents outside much more. I can't wait to find out how many puppies are in there! Here is a picture of Braden from yesterday. He spent the afternoon with Uncle Joe so Grandmama could go to her quilting group. Uncle Joe took him to the cafeteria and got Braden this piece of cake. He enjoyed it! (I asked Joe to take pictures of what they did all afternoon, and this is what I got! Haha! You can tell he's not the one blogging. I'm thankful I got this picture though.) They played xbox 360 for the rest of the afternoon. When Grandmama was finished with quilting, she took them to Sonic. They had a great afternoon (while I was at work)!

When I got home from work we met at Mazzios for pizza! Then Grandmama and I had bible study at the church. We are doing the Beth Moore bible study on Ester. It has been great. I'm really enjoying it. About 25 minutes into bible study we got a call from Joe that we needed to come home. Poor Joe had come down with the stomach virus or food poisoning. ( We aren't for sure which it was. If nobody else gets sick, it was likely food poisoning. I guess we will find out in the next couple of days.) He was nice enough to stay in his office and use the other bathroom, and I disinfected like crazy (the house still smelled like Lysol when I got home from work today). Braden and Grandmama went to her house, and Braden attempted to teach Grandmama how to play football on the xbox. Wish I could've seen that! I hung out at home in case Joe needed something.

Braden left this morning to go home. We are really going to miss him! We had a great visit! When Grandmama and Braden were getting ready to leave this morning, Braden realized he didn't have his car. (Remember the car he picked out at Wal-mart when we went Monday night.) I found the car in my car and mailed it to him on my lunch break today. He was so upset that he couldn't find it, but he should have it in a few days.

Since Grandmama is staying in Shreveport tonight, I am staying at her house with all the animals. I had to share this cute picture of Molly!! She is mama's Boston Terrier. She will be one in September, and is all puppy. She is absolutely hilarious!! I can't wait until Percie has her puppies!!

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