Monday, June 22, 2009

Sheila Jo Turns 50

After Jordan's party we headed for Trumann to get ready for Joe's first cousin, Sheila Jo's, surprise 50th birthday party. She was so surprised! It was great!Tara and her dad, Uncle Donald, had a great time at the party!

And there was plenty of great food, like at all Hooker family functions!!Rylee had a great time at the party, too! Her mama says this is her "I haven't had a nap" smile!

Jordan had fun looking at Aunt Jo's backyard. He just thought it was so funny when he saw Rylee outside!

Sheila's brother, Scott, made a great DVD of pictures of Sheila from when Aunt Jo was pregnant with her until now. It was great! Then of course we watched old home videos. They were hilarious!!

I'm so glad Joe and I got to celebrate Sheila's birthday with her and the family!


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