Monday, June 22, 2009

Jordan Turns 2

We left Beebe Saturday around noon headed to Bay for Jordan's 2nd birthday party.
Isn't Jordan's chocolate cake cute!! Elmo, of course...
and his Elmo vanilla cup cakes!Percie came to Jordan's birthday party, too!
Jordan blowing out his 2 candles.The birthday boy and his Uncle Joe.Tara, Aunt Jo, and Scott came to celebrate Jordan turning 2! It was great to see everyone!Jordan and his truck. I think he likes it! Percie says, "It's hot in here mom! Please get this dress off!"
The kids loved the Elmo pinata! And of course all of the candy that came out of the pinata! Jordan fell asleep before the party was over!

I can't believe Jordan is 2!! Time flies!! Thanks for inviting us to your party, Jordan. We had a great time!

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