Monday, June 22, 2009

Penny and Stella

After Sheila's Birthday Party Joe and I stopped by Tony and Tara's house for a visit. Tony was umpiring a baseball tournament. So sorry he missed all the birthday partying and we didn't get to see him!

Here is a picture of Joe and Tara and Tony's dog, Penny. Penny is so cute and friendly. She was a stray that Tony found one day and brought home. I think Joe was talking during this picture!!

Recently Tony found 3 tiny kittens that their mother had abandoned. Tara bottle fed them, and unfortunately 2 of the kittens did not make it. But, Miss Stella did!!

Here is Tara and her baby kitty. Isn't she cute!!

Tara and Tony weren't sure how Penny would react to the kittens, but boy were they surprised! Penny was a pretty hyper dog until the kittens came into the picture. Now she is so calm! Penny turned into the kittens mother. She even had milk and nursed the kittens! I didn't know that was possible, but it happened!! Penny even picked up the kittens and carried them around! Stella is now eating kitten food and is litter box trained. Stella and Penny are best friends! They stay in the crate together while Tara and Tony are gone and they play together all the time! It is so cute!!

Here is Stella, Tara and I. She is so tiny!! Makes me want a kitten!!

Thanks, Tara, for letting us visit your animals!!


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Tara said...

So glad you guys got to come by and visit!