Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shreveport here we come!

Today after lunch we left Texarkana for Shreveport, LA, to visit my sister and her family. We met Jeannie and Mattilyn at the mall for some birthday shopping for Mattilyn. She turned 12 on June 4.

Mattilyn trying on clothes at Gap.

And Dillards.

Opening birthday presents while wearing her new hipster from grandmama for her birthday.

Yellow Box flip absolute favorite summer time shoe!!

Braden fell asleep during the Arkansas Baseball game and slept for almost 3 hours.

Logan watching TV.

Then it was off to Mattilyn's indoor soccer game. Her team played five 16 year-old boys. The boys were so fast, but those girls really hung in there. Mattilyn scored 2 goals and her team won the game. Yeah Mattilyn!! I love watching her play soccer.

Taking a break during the game. (she's the one in the middle)

We stopped and got Subway on our way home. Here is Jeannie and Braden after we ate.

Then we went swimming. Here is silly Braden in his goggles and his sister Mattilyn. I think she was tired of me taking her picture! (and of course you can see Joe in the background playing with the water gun)

We had a great day with the Reeders!!


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