Sunday, June 14, 2009

From Shreveport to Beebe

Joe promised the boys that he would get up this morning and play PS3 with them. So, at 6:45 a.m. Logan came in saying "Joe, it's time to get up". Then you hear a sleepy Joe saying "I'll be there in a minute". Joe had a great time playing games with the boys. Logan had decided that he wanted to play football against Joe. Then Braden wanted to race cars against Joe. This is what I saw when I came down stairs a few hours later...

Mattilyn left this morning for Leadership Camp with Student Council. I hope she has a great time! So, we went to lunch with Lon, Jeannie, Logan, and Braden at Pasado's.

Lunch at Pasado's is always fun!

Logan loves the ice cream! Logan will also be gone this week to church camp at Camp Bethany. I hope he has a great 1st time at camp!

As you probably know, Arkansas will be playing LSU in baseball on Monday. We saw this...

in Jeannie and Lon's neighbor's yard. I just had to take a picture of a hog in tiger country. Go Hogs!!

We were on the road again on our way home, and we got to bring this guy with us...

It's a long trip from Shreveport to Beebe, especially for a 6 year-old. But he was so excited to be spending the week at Grandmama's house that we had a great trip. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the trip:

While driving past a pasture full of cows, "Grandmama, I want to be a cow.......cause cows don't have to go to school!"

With Percie sitting next to him, "Joe, why did you name Percie Percie? She is a dog, not a PURSE!"

We were talking about what we were going to name Percie's puppies, and he says "Rae, you need to name Percie's puppies Mattilyn, Logan and Braden. No, no, no..........Frank, Grandmama, Joe and Rae." And I say, "Who is Frank?" Braden cracking up says, "I don't know". (We have no one in our family named Frank. I have no idea where that one came from, but we continued the conversation about puppy names, and Frank kept coming up. He cracks me up!)

That happy boy soon turned into a sleeping boy. But it was a quick nap and he was up talking again.

Braden sleeping next to Percie in the car.

As soon as we got home, I ran to McDonald's to get supper. The boys had a great time eating and playing baseball on xbox.

Braden going to bed at Grandmama's house.

Braden was so excited because Emily and Percie joined him!

Thanks Reeders for letting us visit and letting us bring Braden to Beebe for a week!


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