Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The New Place in iPhone Pics

I can't wait to share these pics with you guys!  We have known for over a year that we were going to get to move into this new place.  So, I have been planning and shopping all that time!  My husband's boss was totally awesome and let me have a say so in the paint colors, counter tops, cabinets, and flooring.  Of course I was picking within limits, but still I think that was THE best to get to help create our new home!  It definitely feels much more like home!  Joe and I still had all of our college furniture that we just combined when we got married.  (Seriously all of the new furniture and wall art could have never helped our last apartment look awesome, so we chose to spend our money in other areas.)  But, since we had the opportunity to have this awesome new place, I wanted to help it look as great as it possibly could.  And it really was great that we had so long to plan, shop, and save!  I have to brag that I have not paid full price for one thing in our new place!  I am seriously so proud!  I shopped sales and watched certain pieces and waited to purchased specific things.  And I loved every minute of it!  Okay, I'll hush and let you see the pics.  Oh, and I hate it that all of these are iPhone pics, but I cannot find the cord to my camera!  Ugh.  Moving = losing things.....ugh.
Welcome to the new place!
The view of the kitchen from the living room.  I LOVE that it is all open.
Living Room
Living Room.  Percie had to join in the pic!  ha
Living Room.  This is our door to outside.  Our door that goes out into the dorm is in the kitchen.  Percie hopped into the pic again!  Ha!
Living room again.
Living Room Again.
  (This recliner was the only thing Joe requested for the apartment!  Ha!)
The view of the living room from the kitchen.
My awesome new fridge!  I didn't pick it out, but I LOVE it!
Kitchen.  Can I tell you how excited I am to have a dish washer and a garbage disposal!?!
The Hallway from the Kitchen/Lining Room to our Master.  The bathroom is on the right, the 1st bedroom is on the left, and our master is straight ahead.
Joe's side of the 1st bedroom.  Joe has his computer desk, TV, and stuff in here.  I also have all of my crafty stuff and my computer in here.  It is wonderful not to have all of my ribbon and tulle all over our living room!  This way if people come over, I can just close this bedroom door!
My side.....without all of my crafty stuff out.
The bathroom.  
Okay, I know that blue is probably not what most people would choose for their bathroom, but I love it!  It is actually more turquoise than it looks in this pic.
 Other side of the bathroom.  I just have to add that Joe and I could not both stand in our old bathroom at the same time it was so tiny.  I would like to do an experiment some time and see just how many people will fit in this bathroom!  Ha!  My guess is 20.  No lie.  I LOVE it!
Our Master.
I am very pleased with our new bedroom furniture!
Our Master Again.
We have a very large walk-in closet.  I did not photograph it because it is not photograph ready!  Ha!  When I get it all organized, I will share.  It is currently still a work in progress.
Joe, Percie, and I the day of the ribbon cutting/open house.  
I hope you guys enjoyed your (very long) tour!


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Leslie said...

Love it! Especially the pic of Percie on the wall...very cute!