Monday, August 29, 2011

June 2011

I am determined to be caught up on the blog by September 1st so I can begin again with my weekly updates!

June was another great but busy month!

Percie had a great time in her swimming pool!
And I had fun in mine!  LOL!  I grew up with a swimming pool in my backyard and it has spoiled me for life!  Relaxing in the water is my most favorite activity.  So, I bought this $20 kiddie pool that is the perfect size for me to lay on my float.  It lasted all summer!  Ha!
This is Bella!  I just love this kid!  Isn't she cute!?!
In June, Natalie, Bella, and I met Annslie, Carie, and Kayt in Conway to meet Miss Kennedy for the first time!
Me meeting Kennedy for the first time!  Isn't she precious!?!
L to R:  Rae, Carie, Kennedy, Natalie, Bella, Annslie, and Kayt.
We had a great time eating at Mike's Place and just getting to see each other!
In June, Mama and I also traveled to Warren to spend the weekend with Annslie and Mama Ann and have a booth at the Pink Tomato Festival.  It was HOT!  And I just had to include this pic of Anns!  Ha!
Here is a pic of our booth.  Did I mention it was HOT??
Here is a pic of Percie taking a Sunday afternoon nap!  I love this dog!!
In June, I also had fun making this daisy wreath for Mama's front door!
Percie and I enjoyed lots of walks in June!  Usually we walked much later in the evening because it was SO stinkin' HOT!
In June, we also celebrated our nephew's 4th birthday!  I can't believe Jordan is already 4.  Where has the time gone???

Like I said, we had a great but busy June!


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