Thursday, August 25, 2011

April 2011

Still catching up....

So I remember April being such a busy month, but for some reason I did not take very many pictures. 

My BFF Christy came to spend a girls weekend in Beebe before she moved to Oregan.  We had a great time!
We even treated ourselves to pedicures.  I love a pedicure!
Mama and I shared a craft booth with my SIL Malinda for the Cabot Strawberry Fest.  They brought their Boston and My MIL and FIL brought their Bostons.  We had 6 of them!  They had SO much fun!

This is Percie, Molly, and Missy.
This is Missy, Molly, and Max.
It is not very easy to get a picture of 6 Bostons!  Ha!
L to R:  Oreo, Angel, Missy, Molly, Percie, and Max.

Uncle Joe with Rylee and Jordan.
We also spent the weekend in Trumann with Joe's family.  This is me, Joe, and Magan at Ihop!
We also enjoyed dinner at Outback with Derek, Magan, Tony, and Tara.
And Baby Darby, but of course we did not know that she was baby Darby yet!


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