Monday, August 29, 2011

July 2011

 I only thought June was a busy month!  LOL!

We had a great 4th!
Percie in her 4th dress!
At the beginning of July, Joe went on a trip to Houston, Texas with work. Mama and I packed our whole apartment and got everything ready for the "Biggest garage Sale Ever" while he was gone.  We lived in the same very small apartment for 6 years.  I still can't believe we accumulated so much stuff!!

After Joe got back we started taking all of our things to my friend Michelle's house in Searcy for the garage sale.
We stopped at Froyo in Searcy one night after making many trips with stuff to cool off!  Did I mention it was the hottest summer on record???

In the middle of all of the garage sale planning and moving planning Percie got very sick.  So, we spent more time at Beebe Veterinary Hospital!  Poor Percie!
In our new place, we have a microwave stove hood, so we had no need for our old microwave.  For some reason I could not remember to take our old one to Michelle's house for the garage sale!  I guess when something has been in the same place for 6 years you just get used to it being there.  Anyway, Joe made me this sign so I would not forget the microwave the day of the big garage sale!  Ha!  He makes me laugh!
Percie and I still went on lots of walks even though it was HOT!
And, 2 of my favorite boys and their mom came to visit!  This is Carson in the "good poo."  Carson's Grandmom has a very nice in ground pool.  Carson is not a fan of grandmom's pool.  He really only enjoys playing on the top step.  But he loved my kiddie pool!  Ha!  You never know with kids, right!?!  When he got out of the kiddie pool, he patted the side and said, "this a good poo, mom."  I love him!
I'm pretty sure his brother, Corbin, had a good time, too!  He is so funny!  I miss these boys so much!
One morning the boys were playing and I looked over and saw this!  LOL!  The things that entertain kids!  Both of them were very happy in the dog crate??
 I have to share another funny Carson story.  It is just too cute and I don't want to forget it.  Carson has a monkey that he likes a lot, and he talks about monkeys a lot.  I love to hear him say monkey because instead of monkey, he calls them gunkeys!!  LOL!  I love it!  I asked him if he was my monkey, and with a huge smile he said "Your gunkey??? I your gunkey!"
We had a great visit with Christy, Corbin, and Carson. I can't wait to go to Oregon to visit them!

I should also add that before Christy and the boys came to visit, we were supposed to be moved into our new place.  Needless to say, it didn't happen.  We lived for 3 weeks with our whole place packed, no living room furniture, no dresser, etc.  It was an interesting time.  (Especially because I have a very hard time with everything not being in its place!  I tried very hard not to stress too much!)
This post is getting pretty lengthy, so I will continue July later.


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