Monday, August 29, 2011

Tornado May 2011

I don't know how I could forget to include this event in my catch up blogs.  We had a horrible tornado in May blow through the ASU Beebe Campus.  One of my mom's cats had died, so I went to her house so she would not be alone.  When I walked out the door to leave for my mom's the tornado sirens were going off.  Joe called the police department and they said that the city had sounded them way too early and that I should be fine driving.  It takes between 5-10 minutes to get to my mom's, depending on traffic.  That was the longest 10 minutes!  It was just weird looking outside.  I hadn't been at my mom's long when the sirens started going off again.  

Her master closet is a safe room, so we headed there with all of the animals.  Joe had to stay at the dorm because there were still students there.  Their finals were supposed to begin the next day.  School was supposed to be out in one week.  Notice I said supposed to.

My mom and I could hear the tornado go over her house.  A few minutes after the all clear I got a call from Joe.  He and all of the students were fine, but the campus was a wreck.  Thankfully, mama's house had no damage at all!  She just lost power for 5 hours or so.  Here are some pictures of the campus.
Some of the John Deere Mechanic students helping to clean up the damage.
The reason the campus was without electricity for about a week!
This is the campus police chief, JJ, in front of one of the fallen trees.  (And JJ is not a small man!)

It was an absolutely crazy time!  I missed a few days of work because I could not get out off Beebe because of all of the down trees and power lines.  It was a miracle that no one was hurt!  The campus was without electricity for a week.  So, needless to say they had to cancel finals.  They even had to push back graduation for a week.  I felt horrible for all of the students.  

When walking around campus now, it is still weird to see all of the trees that are missing!


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