Sunday, February 7, 2010

Percie's Birthday Party

Joe spent Friday night with his parents.  When he woke up Saturday morning one of his eyes was swollen shut.  It was very red, and of course he slept in his contact so his mom helped him get his contact out.  I really should've taken a picture because it looks BAD!  It is still red, swollen, and is hurting him today.  I'm making him an appointment first thing in the morning!
(I think he has pink eye.  He went to see Avatar Friday night and wore those 3D glasses that are supposedly sanitized and woke up Saturday morning with his eye like this.  Pink eye is very contagious, so I am pretty sure he got it from the glasses.)
Anyway.....I told you all of that to say that Joe could not drive himself home because he is pretty blind without his contact.  So his daddy drove his truck and his mama drove their truck, and they brought Max and Angel (Percie's doggie mama and Doggie grandpa).  So, we decided to have her birthday party Saturday night so everyone could be there!
Sophie Grace.....she closes her eyes every time I come close to her with the camera.

Angel, Percie, and Molly

All 5 dogs:  Angel, Percie, Max, Molly, and Holly.  Have you ever tried to take a picture of 5 dogs?  Let me just say it is not very easy.

Molly, Percie, and Angel.  Molly was scared to death of the party hat!  She took off when I tried to put it on her!  Ha!

The Birthday Girl!

The birthday girl and her doggie mama.

Sophie.....with her eyes closed of course!

Percie and her cake!

The cake was really hard!  It took Joe and I both to break it up into pieces to give them.

Percie with a piece.  They LOVED it!  Percie is so picky, but she ate A LOT of the cake!

It was peanut butter flavored.

Holly has a hard time eating hard things, but she didn't give up!  She loved it!

Molly enjoyed it, too!  I knew she would.....she is not picky!

Angel loved it!

And of course Sophie and Oliver came to the party.  They even tried to eat some of the cake!

Holly actually looking at the camera.  I had to take a million pictures to get this one!

Percie and Poppy.

Holly, Percie, and Molly.

The birthday girl!

Molly looking at me like....."REALLY?"

Holly kind of liked the birthday hat1

Sophie.....with her eyes closed....of course.

Charlotte, Max, Angel, and Percie.

Poppy, Nanny, and Percie.

Percie with her mama and daddy.
Percie told me she had a great birthday and a great birthday party!
(And she likes dressing up so she doesn't think her mama is crazy for putting a birthday collar and hat on her!)