Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mt. View, I've Missed You

Today was the first time I have been to Mt. View in a month because of all of this crazy weather.  I took a few pictures of my favorite places.
I LOVE Mt. View Wal-Mart.  You would think that most of the Wal-Mart stores have the same stuff, but they do not.  Mt. View has the best sales.  I will go to Wal-Mart in Cabot or Searcy, and find something I want.  I always wait until I go to Wal-Mart in Mt.View because it will probably be on sale there.  It is crazy.  They especially have good sales on toys, holiday items, baby stuff, and home decor.  Oh, and of course doggie accessories!  I have gotten Percie some really cute stuff for a great price!

This is the view to the right of Wal-Mart.  The snow covered hills are so pretty!

I just had to take a picture of the huge pile of snow in the parking lot.  It is finally melting...a little.  This wasn't the only huge pile of snow.

This is the Mexican restaurant on the square where I eat lunch sometimes.  (Yes, you can see me in the window reflection.  Ha!)  They have great chips and salsa.

I LOVE the Cornerstone Shoppe!  They have the best stuff....a lot of my favorites.  They carry Brighton, Yellow Box Shoes, really cute jewelry and purses, everything monogrammed (kitchen supplies, front door mats, cute baby stuff, etc.), really cute razorback stuff (anything you can imagine from jewelry to kitchen stuff, etc.), holiday stuff (they have Christmas stuff all year!), and of course.....doggie accessories!  

The entrance to the 2 story shoppe.....yes I said 2 story!

Some of the cute jewelry.

Shoes and some bags upstairs.
I love shopping their sales!  I spent $8.00 today, and look at what I got.....

NO, I am NOT a LSU fan......but my sister and her family are.  So, I got 3 of these, one for Mattilyn, Logan, and Braden.  For 75% off.....I might add!

And I got these kitchen towels for my sister.  AGAIN....I am NOT an LSU fan, but these were too cute to pass up getting Jeannie!  Oh, and they were 75% off, also!

And I got Percie this really cute guessed it.......for 75% off!  I love a good deal!

I also LOVE Wood's Soda Fountain.  They serve sandwiches, soups, pies and desserts, and they have a special every day......and you never know what it might be!  Today it was poppy seed chicken.  

It is a restaurant inside a pharmacy.  I wish I had taken a picture inside.  They have the bar with the old bar stools.  They serve milkshakes and phosphates.  You can pick just about any flavor you want.  It is SO cute inside!

This is the entrance.  Today I had a pork bar-b-que sandwich and chips.  I also enjoy their ham and cheese sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, and polish sausage sandwich.  Mama loves their Reuben and homemade pimento cheese......and sometimes she is adventurous and gets the special.  They always have different stuff for their special.  I don't think I have ever seen the same thing twice.  (Of course I only go on Wednesdays and I don't eat there every Wednesday)  This place is always busy......especially during tourist season.  (Yes, Mt. View, Arkansas has a tourist season.  And believe me, I can definitely tell a difference in the traffic and how long the lines are.  Ha!) 

This is just a few of my favorite places in Mt. View.  Hope you enjoyed!


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