Sunday, February 7, 2010

Percie's Birthday Creations

I saw some really cute stuff in Just Dogs for doggie birthdays.  I decided I could definitely make some of it for a much lower off to Hobby Lobby I went!
I looked up on the internet how to make a tutu and made the collars like you would make a tutu.

I tied all of the pink first and then went back and added the purple.  (I even hot glued the elastic together because I do NOT sew!  Ha!  It probably won't stay forever, but I knew they wouldn't wear them long.)

The finished product.

Percie trying on her collar.

I had a little elastic and purple tulle left, so I made the kitten, Sophie Grace, one too!  (And she actually wore it!)

I also decorated the birthday hats.  Do you know how hard it is to find plain birthday hats?  I finally found them at Party City.

I didn't take any pictures of the before of the hats, but I just hot glued these feathers, rhinestones, and pom poms on the hats.  On Percie's I wrote a 5 with a paint pen.  Super easy!  And a lot of fun.

Percie told me she liked her birthday collar and hat!


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Susy said...

This is HILARIOUS! You could totally sell these!!! If I didn't have a crazy dog that would just try to eat it I would want one! Ha!